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Your Camera Owners Manual: The Lite Version Versus The Full Version

Many of the printed manuals manuals that come with todays cameras are an abbreviated version of the full manual.

Drawing Inspiration – Leland Bobbé

Drawing Inspiration – Leland Bobbé Drawing Inspiration is a series of posts dedicated to photographers who have inspired me. If possible, I’ve included a quote and a link to their work.

Can I…

get a print of your picture? use your picture on my website? get you to take pictures of (fill in whatever words work for you)? If you’ve been asked similar questions then these are hints that you can probably earn some money with your photography. Beyond having pictures that people want to use, make sure that […]

Protected: A Link For In Person Introduction To Photography Class Participants

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Free Photography Tests

Use these tests to evaluate your understanding of making photographs. While it’s good to know what you know about photography, It’s also good to know what you don’t know. Test – Basic Photography And Basic Camera Operation Use this test to evaluate your understanding of basic photography and camera operation. The questions in this test […]

Business Of Photography – Pro-crastination

Copyright Basics

As I tell students in my business of photography classes; in the business of photography if you don’t have your copyright, you’ve got nothing.

Don’t Give Your Good Work To Bad Photography Contests

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Photography Class

Upcoming Group Photography Classes In Washington DC

How To Use This Page Below you’ll find a list of photography classes, and brief descriptions of those classes, that are currently being offered in Washington DC. Click on the link in the brief description to be brought to a more detailed class description and registration page. Beyond the classes that are displayed on this […]

Culture And The Internet

Missing Those Back To Schools Days? Here’s A Test!

Just to get into the spirit of  things I’ve  made an online version of a basic photography test that I give to students in my  photography classes. If you’d like  to take it, you’ll be able to access it via my Being A Better Photographer website.


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