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Flash And A Thunderstorm

He mentioned the right reasons for purchasing an external flash unit, which I think are more power and more versatility than the pop-up units on the camera can deliver.

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Introduction To Photography – What, How, and Why.

Introduction To Photography – What, How, and Why. There’s what we do, how we do and why we do. As photographers, what we do is create photographs, how we do is based on the camera we use and our understanding

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Being The Best Photographers We Can Be And Being A Better Photographer

At this moment, we’re the best photographers we can be based on our understanding of what we do as photographers. Can we better photographers than we are at this moment? Of course we can. Study And Practice Photography With Sam

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Wanna Be A Good Photographer? Don’t Delete Your “Bad” Pictures

If you’re learning photography by using a digital camera, you’re bad pictures can make you a good photographer. Your pictures hold information that you can access. You can readily access and use this information to learn from your “mistakes”. You’re

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Communicating With A Camera

For photographers the camera is a tool that is used to make a photograph. It’s what we use to visually communicate facts or opinions through a photograph. In order to be an effective photographer and visual communicator It is important

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Be A Photographer First

Before you can be a portrait photographer, or a landscape  photographer, or a wedding photographer, or a pet photographer or whatever type of photographer you want to be, you have to be a photographer first. Better yet, be a proficient photographer. If you

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Making Photographs Or Editing Files

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Finding Inspiration In The Ordinary

Not feeling inspired by the ordinary? We tend to overlook the ordinary in search for  something extraordinary. If you take a moment and look closer at the ordinary you will see something extraordinary. When you see something extraordinary in the ordinary, photograph it. Use whatever

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Are You Ready For The Darkroom?

I was asked  about why I don’t offer darkroom skills, and/or photo editing software, instruction as a part of my workshops. If the topic of photo-editing software or darkroom work comes up, we’ll discuss it, but it is not a

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Why You Should Learn To Work Your Camera In Manual Exposure Mode

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