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Question: What/which is the best Nikon (middle range price) professional photographic camera and which lenses, flash, and tripod are good for professional use?

There is no inherently “best”. There is only best in terms of what works for you. What you are asking is for someone who knows nothing about you, or the type of work that you do, to take on responsibility

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Being A Photographer – When do we know we’re photographers?

When do we know we’re photographers? Is it when we have a lot of photography gear? Is it when we have accumulated a certain amount of pictures? Is it when we have a certain type of camera? In terms of

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Question: How one can become wild life photographer?

Be a photographer first. Buy the appropriate equipment based on the type of wildlife that you wanna photograph. Go and photograph the wildlife. Study And Practice Photography With Sam

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Question: Do professional photographers shoot only in RAW format for professional work? Are there any ways to remove blur or fix exposure in jpeg images?

Answer: It depends on the photographer whether to create pictures in RAW or some other file type. The best way to remove blur and “fix” exposure, regardless of file type, is in camera during the creation of the picture. Study

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What We See. How We See. How We Think About What We See.

What we see: Regardless of what type of being we are we all see the same thing. How we see: Depending on what type of being we are, we see the same thing differently. Here’s a link that shows how

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A Cook Doesn’t Use A Chainsaw To Slice A Carrot.

We can get the best camera that our money can buy. We can get the best camera that supports the type of work that we do. I’d suggest that the latter “best camera” is the “best camera”. But how do

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I Was Asked A Question About Sports Photography As a Business

Question: “How do I start a sports photography business? I have built up a sizable portfolio of sports photography (spanning years) and get hired occasionally for specific events. Where have you found success in sports photography?” Answer: While I’m not

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Are We Photographers?

I’m surprised that many photographers I meet don’t consider themselves to be photographers. Many photographers seem to think that being a photographer is based on a certain level of skill or type of camera used. It ain’t. If we see

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The Best Critiques…

are self critiques. Our work. Our critique. Our opinion of our work drives our studies and practice. In terms of our studies, if we need help, a good teacher will give us guidance based on our opinion of our work

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A Better Camera Equals Better Photographs?

Yup. Setting aside our ideas of what makes a picture “better”, our ideas of what “better” means varies. Some of us might think that a better camera is one that is easy to carry and that we always have with

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