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Be A Good Photographer Or Just Look Like One

Your Camera…

Cameras And Photographers Are Everywhere

You Can Photograph Anything

It’s In The Way That You Use It

Communicating With Ease

The Camera – It’s Only A Tool

I talk about the camera as doing three things and, in order to help photographers to begin to develop a thought process behind their pictures, these three things MUST be done in consciously by the photographer .

Do You Think Your Camera Takes Good Pictures?

If cameras took good pictures, wouldn’t they be good pictures all of the time?

You Can Work Any Camera

Our Cameras…

The Craft Of Photography And The Primary Tool Of Trade

Do You Know How To Meter?

Night And Day And Flash

Photography Classes Washington DC – About The Sam D’Amico Photography Classes

Thank you for considering me in your search for photography instruction. It doesn’t matter whether you use a film or digital camera. The camera is a tool that you use to create photographs. During your photography class with me you’ll learn to use your camera and you’ll learn the skills that you need to use […]

Intermediate Photography

Build on your understanding of basic photography, reinforce your application of photography fundamentals and increase your visual awareness and photographic compositional skills.

Just You And Your Camera Are Enough


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