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Drawing Inspiration – Alan Babbitt – 0617-2018

Drawing Inspiration – Alan Babbitt – 0610-2018 Drawing Inspiration is a series of posts dedicated to photographers who’ve inspired me. Here’s a link to the work.–> http://www.abproductions.com/ Who are the photographers that inspire you? Please leave your comments and replies

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What We’ve Got and What We Want

They usually ain’t the same. What we usually want is to make photographs like the ones we’ve seen in the past or the ones we imagine that we’ll make in the future. That future photograph can be the one we

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Framing and Content

Framing is what we do as an activity of camera operation and composition when viewing through our viewfinder or viewing the LCD screen on the back of camera if a viewfinder is not available. Content is what we put into

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Improving Our Lighting

In my mind lighting is something that’s being done. It’s an activity/process that photographers can engage in. Light is something that stimulates our sight and makes things visible. Before we can improve our lighting, we need to understand light. That

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Now We See It Now We Don’t

Ya’ ever see something and you think that what you’re seeing would make a great photograph but what you see is so fleeting that you don’t have time to take out your camera to make the photograph? Yup, me too.

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Got Copyright?

Yup, you do. As soon as you create something original in a “fixed tangible” form, you’ve got copyright and you own it, unless you give it away or give parts of it away. Why give it away when you can

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No need to learn the VERY Basics Of Photography

We are already doing the VERY basics. When we see something that creates an impulse to make a photograph and we then take out a camera to make the photograph, we are practicing the VERY basics of photography. We may

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Are We Photographers?

I’m surprised that many photographers I meet don’t consider themselves to be photographers. Many photographers seem to think that being a photographer is based on a certain level of skill or type of camera used. It ain’t. If we see

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VIDEOS – Focusing

Focusing Focusing on something specific in our photograph  is an element of composition that insures what we see as an important part of our content is sharp. If the part of our picture that we want to be in focus

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Drawing Inspiration – Diane Arbus

Drawing Inspiration – Diane Arbus Drawing Inspiration is a series of posts dedicated to photographers who have inspired me. If possible, I’ve included a quote and a link to their work. I work from awkwardness. By that I mean I don’t

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