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What Should Beginner Photographers Do To Improve Their Skill?

Observe light. (See) Learn to work your camera. (How to operate your camera to record HOW you see.) If you’d like some in-person guidance. https://samdamico.com/studying-photography-washington-dc-sam-damico/ If you’d like some online guidance. Being A Photographer – An Online Photography Course Created

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Five (5) Things To Practice With Whatever Camera We’re Using Right Now That Could Improve Our Photography.

Five (5) Things To Practice With Whatever Camera We’re Using Right Now That Could Improve Our Photography. Seeing And Thinking. Framing And Content. Tonality. Focusing. Critiquing. Five things. OK, there’s really seven but some are closely related so I combined

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Some Tips For “Artistic” Photography.

Don’t think about producing “art”. Produce pictures that reflect your mind. Each of our minds perceive what we see differently. If art is “unique” and our perceptions are different, then it seems to me that if we create photographs based

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Where Can Someone Learn Photography Online?

There are many options. Some options are well known and some aren’t. Many students/photographers I teach face to face tell me they have difficulty learning photography from online sources. They tell me the information seems inconsistent and there’s no opportunity

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Seasons Greetings

I made a holiday e-card because I’m too lazy to buy cards, wirite’em out and send ’em. I hope that you’ll take a look and listen. Here’s the link. —> https://samdamico.com/seasons/ Whether ya’  click the link or not. Happy Holidays.

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Seeing As Photographers

Assuming our eyes are functioning in a manner in which we can see, as photographers, we are seeing as all humans see. There’s nothing special/unique about what/how we see as humans. What makes each of us unique is how we

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In Photography, It Ain’t So Much What We Know As What We Do With What We Know

While I know what a golf club is and what it is used for, I don’t know what to do with it in the same way as a more practiced golfer does in order to be a good golfer. In

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Show and Tell Saturday

I’ve created a Facebook group to compliment my Being a Photographer online course. Today is ‘Show And Tell Saturday”. Have a look. Post to the group and show and tell. Here’s a link to the group. –> https://www.facebook.com/groups/beingaphotographer/ Here’s a

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What’s A Common Mistake Photographers Make?

Thinking that the equipment matters more than the photographer. You can engage in a good photography practice with whatever camera you’ve got. You want better photographs? Pay attention. Pay attention to the light that you’re observing and if the light

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Seeing, Thinking And Cameras

Assuming our eyes are ok, we’ve been seeing since we opened our eyes as babies. Our eyes take in everything in our field of view. Once in a while we see something that gets our attention and we get the

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