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Fast Food Or A Well Prepared Meal

While fast food may fill the void in our belly quickly, a well prepared meal on the other hand, especially one prepared by a thoughtful cook who is engaged in the detailed process of preparing the meal, will take more

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The Speed Of Light

I ain’t no Einstein. In terms of my smarts, I’m probably closer to Frankenstein. While physicists discuss the speed of light, as a photographer I’m more comfortable discussing the speed of reflective light sources. Reflective light sources such as cars

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There’s something in your camera called a meter. This meter has different metering patterns and measures light intensity. Some of are aware of the meter and use it while in the process of making a photograph in manual exposure mode.

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VIDEOS – Tonality

Tonality Observing the tonality of our picture is an important process of composition. We can describe the tonality of our photograph as being too dark, too bright or just right. If our picture is too bright or dark the other

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VIDEOS – Framing And Content

Framing And Content Framing and content is is a part of our process when composing  a photograph. We can frame with a viewfinder or we can frame with an LCD screen  on our phone or with the LCD screen on

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Our Response-Ability As Photographers.

When we make a photograph we are responsible for the  photograph the we create. The outcome of the photograph is a result of our ability to respond (response-ability) to what we see (light) during our process of creating the photograph.

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The Essentials For DSLR Photography

A DSLR, (Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera) light and a photographer. Simple. We set the camera to whatever exposure mode that we are comfortable using, compose the picture, press the shutter release and we’ve got a photograph. We either like

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Five (5) Things To Practice With Whatever Camera We’re Using Right Now That Could Improve Our Photography.

Five (5) Things To Practice With Whatever Camera We’re Using Right Now That Could Improve Our Photography. Seeing And Thinking. Framing And Content. Tonality. Focusing. Critiquing. Five things. OK, there’s really seven but some are closely related so I combined

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A Question From A Photographer.

Here it Is: “I have a beautiful new DSLR camera but I’m mostly on auto mode because I don’t have to tweak all the settings. How do professionals set up their cameras for each shot?” Here’s my Answer: “Whether professionals

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What’s The Best Creative Gadget For Photography?

Your mind. All those other “creative gadgets” are nothing more than tools and don’t create anything. They can be used during the creative process, but remember that it’s our mind that runs the show in terms of our understanding of

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