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Being A Photographer – Goals and Immediate Effort (Process) In Our Photography

Being A Photographer – Goals and Immediate Effort (Process) In Our Photography There’s what we intend to do (goal) and the effort needed to realize the goal (process). When we fixate on the goal we don’t pay attention to process.

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The Way To Be A “Good” Photographer Is By Not Being A “Good” Photographer

We can get stuck in thoughts of whether our photographs are good or if we are good photographers. Ideas of good vary as judgements in terms of “I like ” or ” I don’t like”. If ya want your work,

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Photography And Default Modes

We have default modes as photographers in terms of our studies and practice. We have default modes on our camera. Our default modes as photographers change depending on our intent and what we’re photographing. We can also change the default

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Do It Again.

That’s what practice is. During a class if someone makes a mistake I’ll ask them to do it again. Not the mistake of course, but what they were doing that led to the mistake. It’s great when we get things

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Invest In Your Photography With Persistence

Creating good photographs doesn’t come easy. Buying a camera is easy. Creating good photographs with that camera? Not so easy. Don’t get discouraged. Persist. While a camera will cost ya, persistence in your studies and practice pays off. Study And

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Question: What are the 5 most important rules of composition in photography?

Answer: I don’t buy into the “rules of composition” stuff. Instead of “rules” of composition I think of “elements” of composition. Everything we do as photographers is an element of composition. Controlling tonality is the most important to me. After

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Good Practice Leads to Good Photography

Practice develops “muscle” or “procedural” memory. Procedural memory doesn’t characterize our practice as correct or incorrect. If our practice is full of correct action in terms of what we’re doin’ with our camera during our creation of a photograph (camera

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Creativity. We Got It Or We Don’t.

I don’t buy that bs. If we buy into that we diminish ourselves. We’re all creative, we just express our creativity in different ways. We all “got it”. We just need to cultivate our creativity with study and practice. It’s

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Where And When?

This just seemed like a logical follow up to my post right before this one “How And Why?”. Where and when should we practice our photography? How about here and now? Take out whatever camera ya got and make a

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Composition In Photography…

Is EVERYTHING we do as photographers in terms of our studies and practice to create a photograph. Each thing that we do can be considered an ELEMENT of composition. How we each study and practice is as varied as each

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