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When It Comes To Improving YOUR Photography, MY Opinion Does Not Help

This post was motivated by discussions with participants in my classes who were seeking affirmations or criticisms about their photographs.

More Or Less

The Potential Of The Camera

Do You Want to See More Things To Photograph?

Your Prescription For Better Photography

Do You Need A Better Camera?

Night Photography Classes

Photography Is Hard Because It Is Easy

Don’t Over Do It

Be A Good Photographer Or Just Look Like One

Camera Centric Vs. Light Centric

Do You Really Need A Digital Photography Class?

If you learn the basics of photography, it doesn’t matter what type of camera you use. Film or digital, Nikon or Canon, as a photographer who has a good understanding of the basics photography, you’ll be able to create photographs with whatever camera is in your hands.

The Best Time Of Day To Make A Photograph

How To Judge Yourself As A Photographer

Should You Get A Better Lens?

Why Using You Camera In Manual Exposure Mode Is Important

Simplicity In Photography

Choosing And Accepting

Observing And Perceiving

Photography – Science, Craft, And Art

Photography combines part science, part craft and part art. You don’t need to know…

Cameras And Photographers Are Everywhere

You Can’t Automatically Create Good Photographs

Looking For Someone To Approve Of Your Photography?

What Does A Good Photographer Really Need?

Of course, you need a camera. You also need…


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