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Getting The Most Out Of Your Photography Class

How To Buy Photography Equipment

You Can Work Any Camera

The Potential Of The Camera

Do You Want to See More Things To Photograph?

Your Prescription For Better Photography

Are You Ready For The Darkroom?

My personal experience in learning photography has led me to believe that, before you venture into the darkroom, it makes more sense to learn the basics of photography first so you could produce properly exposed negatives. Without properly exposed negatives you’ve got nothing, to work with in the darkroom.

Do You Need A Better Camera?

Night Photography Classes

Photography Is Hard Because It Is Easy

Don’t Over Do It

Be A Good Photographer Or Just Look Like One

Camera Centric Vs. Light Centric

Do You Really Need A Digital Photography Class?

If you learn the basics of photography, it doesn’t matter what type of camera you use. Film or digital, Nikon or Canon, as a photographer who has a good understanding of the basics photography, you’ll be able to create photographs with whatever camera is in your hands.

The Best Time Of Day To Make A Photograph

Should You Get A Better Lens?

How To Judge Yourself As A Photographer

Why Using You Camera In Manual Exposure Mode Is Important

Simplicity In Photography

Choosing And Accepting

Business Of Photography – Should You Work For Free?

Observing And Perceiving

Photography – Science, Craft, And Art

Photography combines part science, part craft and part art. You don’t need to know…

Can I…

get a print of your picture? use your picture on my website? get you to take pictures of (fill in whatever words work for you)? If you’ve been asked similar questions then these are hints that you can probably earn some money with your photography. Beyond having pictures that people want to use, make sure┬áthat […]


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