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What Were You Thinking?

How To Find The Best Place To Learn Photography

Looking For Your Photographic “Style” ?

High Tension Wires At Sunset

High tension wires recede into the distance during sunset, Iselin, NJ.


You Get What You Give

Are You Ready For The Darkroom?

I was asked  about why I don’t offer darkroom skills, and/or photo editing software, instruction as a part of my workshops. If the topic of photo-editing software or darkroom work comes up, we’ll discuss it, but it is not a main topic. I think that you can consider photo-editing software a digital darkroom.  Whatever I’ve […]

What Should We Pay to Improve Our Photography?

What do we need to pay to create GOOD photographs and yet cost us nothing out of our pockets?

The Company You Keep

Getting The Most Out Of Your Photography Class

How To Buy Photography Equipment

You Can Work Any Camera

Why You Should Learn To Work Your Camera In Manual Exposure Mode

Your Photography, It’s All About You.

Am I A Stupid Or A Lazy Photographer?

Now What?

Are You Ready For The Darkroom?

My personal experience in learning photography has led me to believe that, before you venture into the darkroom, it makes more sense to learn the basics of photography first so you could produce properly exposed negatives. Without properly exposed negatives you’ve got nothing, to work with in the darkroom.


All of these changes have a compositional outcome. If you are changing these things and not…

Do Photography Critiques Help? It Depends.

You must look at your own photographs with a cool, critical eye and if the person giving the critique is more interested in your photography than their own, then you’ll leave with useful information on how to improve your photography.

Good Cameras And Good Photographers

I’m Not Paying Attention To The Composition Of My Photograph

Our Cameras…

How Can We Keep Our Photography Interesting?

What If?

What if…


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