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Lenses and Digital Camera Sensors

When it comes to digital camera sensors and the lens you put on your camera there are different scenarios that are possible and those different scenarios have different visual outcomes.

As a photographer you can use these outcomes as part of your composition.

The Company You Keep

Getting The Most Out Of Your Photography Class


How Can We Keep Our Photography Interesting?

Are You Bored As A Photographer?

Are you bored of seeing the same things to photograph or do you feel that you need to go to a new place to breathe life back into your photography? The problem isn’t that you’re seeing the same things over and over again. The problem is that you’re seeing the same things in the same […]

The Potential Of The Camera

Most students who register for a basic photography course say that they want to realize the full potential of their  camera. I’d rather have you realize your full potential as a photographer, regardless of your camera Take a basic photography class with Sam

Do You Want to See More Things To Photograph?

Then look less. Photography is more about seeing than looking. Many photographers look for things to photograph instead of seeing things to photograph. Looking is searching. Seeing is discovering. You don’t have look for things to photograph, everything is right in front of you. All you have to do is see what is interesting about what is right […]

Good Cameras And Good Photographers

Technical Mastery Is…

…not enough. While you can fill your photograph with technical mastery and dazzle your audience with your technical skills, without your heart and personal vision your photograph will always be empty. Remember, technique  serves creativity. You need both. Introduction To Photography  Intermediate Photography

Do You Want To Learn To Be a Better Photographer?

What’s The Difference Between Photography Classes, Courses And Lessons ?

The Expiration Date On Your Camera

Photography Is Not Mathematics

Photographic Technique: Well Done And Overdone

What’s A Histogram?

Light Centric and Camera Centric

What Matters More Than Metering And Exposure?

The Best Time Of Day To Make A Photograph

How To Judge Yourself As A Photographer

Simplicity In Photography

Observing And Perceiving

How (Exposure) Times Have Changed

Why Aren’t Your Pictures Better?


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