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Question: So I am really drawn to photography, whenever I see a picture that’s really beautiful or creative. I feel so rejuvenated inside and alive. Could that be hinting that I should venture into photography or that’s it is my passion?

It means you enjoy seeing photographs. If you enjoy seeing photographs, you may enjoy creating photographs. If ya got a camera on your phone use that to start with. It doesn’t take much to be a photographer. Enjoy. Here’s some

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Introduction To Photography – What, How, and Why.

Introduction To Photography – What, How, and Why. There’s what we do, how we do and why we do. As photographers, what we do is create photographs, how we do is based on the camera we use and our understanding

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Fine Art?

I’ve got an issue with the terms “fine art photography” and “fine art photographer”. I view those terms as an attempt to elevate the the work, or the worker, with words. Words are cheap. “Art” is subjective.’ In my efforts

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Question: Which one is a better buy between the Fuji XT20 and the Canon T7i/800D?

As the photographer that’s gonna be usin’ the camera, you’ve gotta figure that out for yourself. Which one is the better buy for YOU? Why ask others who know nothing about how much cash ya got or what kinda work

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Question: How has photography impacted your life?

Photography has become integral in my life. I enjoy photography so much that It’s become a profession in terms of creating photographs and marketing them and in terms of working with photographers as an instructor. Please share how photography has

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What We’ve Got and What We Want

They usually ain’t the same. What we usually want is to make photographs like the ones we’ve seen in the past or the ones we imagine that we’ll make in the future. That future photograph can be the one we

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The Way To Be A “Good” Photographer Is By Not Being A “Good” Photographer

We can get stuck in thoughts of whether our photographs are good or if we are good photographers. Ideas of good vary as judgements in terms of “I like ” or ” I don’t like”. If ya want your work,

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Why? That question allows us to engage what we do as photographers. What we do in terms of our compositions and in terms of what we do with our cameras to create the compositions that we intend to create. A

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Invest In Your Photography With Persistence

Creating good photographs doesn’t come easy. Buying a camera is easy. Creating good photographs with that camera? Not so easy. Don’t get discouraged. Persist. While a camera will cost ya, persistence in your studies and practice pays off. Study And

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Question: What do you look for in a social network as a designer/photographer?

Answer: Whatever social network(s) I use, I NEVER post photographs due to copyright concerns. I’d suggest getting a blog on your website going then, post links to your blog posts to the social networks. The posts that you link to

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