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The Best Critiques…

are self critiques. Our work. Our critique. Our opinion of our work drives our studies and practice. In terms of our studies, if we need help, a good teacher will give us guidance based on our opinion of our work

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What’s A Photograph?

Somewhere near the beginning of most, if not all, of my photography classes I ask the participants a question. “What’s a photograph”. Some of the answers I get, and I’m paraphrasing here, are; “A moment caught in time”, “a memory”,

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VIDEOS – Critiquing

Critiquing After we’re done composing our picture, it is important to critique our own work. An honest critique of our own work is useful in offering us guidance in terms of how we are functioning as photographers in terms of 

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Five (5) Things To Practice With Whatever Camera We’re Using Right Now That Could Improve Our Photography.

Five (5) Things To Practice With Whatever Camera We’re Using Right Now That Could Improve Our Photography. Seeing And Thinking. Framing And Content. Tonality. Focusing. Critiquing. Five things. OK, there’s really seven but some are closely related so I combined

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Some Tips For “Artistic” Photography.

Don’t think about producing “art”. Produce pictures that reflect your mind. Each of our minds perceive what we see differently. If art is “unique” and our perceptions are different, then it seems to me that if we create photographs based

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Seeing As Photographers

Assuming our eyes are functioning in a manner in which we can see, as photographers, we are seeing as all humans see. There’s nothing special/unique about what/how we see as humans. What makes each of us unique is how we

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Seeing, Thinking And Cameras

Assuming our eyes are ok, we’ve been seeing since we opened our eyes as babies. Our eyes take in everything in our field of view. Once in a while we see something that gets our attention and we get the

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Feelin’ Blue? How About, Red, Green Or Any Other Color?

Color evokes emotion. Green with envy, feeling blue, seeing red, etc. You can use the white balance setting on your camera to manipulate how color appears in your pictures. When you use the white balance settings on your camera to

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How important is Exposure?

I don’t think the importance of exposure could be overstated as an element of photographic composition If you put all of your effort into framing and all of the other elements of composition and you miss the mark on your exposure, all of

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The “M” On Your Camera Mode Dial

A participant in the Introduction to Photography class commented that the “M” on the mode dial on her DSLR no longer meant “mystery” to her. Beyond what it really means, which is manual exposure mode, I hope it also means…

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