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Question: So I am really drawn to photography, whenever I see a picture that’s really beautiful or creative. I feel so rejuvenated inside and alive. Could that be hinting that I should venture into photography or that’s it is my passion?

It means you enjoy seeing photographs. If you enjoy seeing photographs, you may enjoy creating photographs. If ya got a camera on your phone use that to start with. It doesn’t take much to be a photographer. Enjoy. Here’s some

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Where And When?

This just seemed like a logical follow up to my post right before this one “How And Why?”. Where and when should we practice our photography? How about here and now? Take out whatever camera ya got and make a

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“I Wish I Had My Camera”

You mean the one you left at home in the camera bag you didn’t feel like carrying? Don’t despair. Ya’ got a phone on ‘ya? Does your phone have a camera? Wish granted. Make the picture to the best of

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VIDEOS – Framing And Content

Framing And Content Framing and content is is a part of our process when composing  a photograph. We can frame with a viewfinder or we can frame with an LCD screen  on our phone or with the LCD screen on

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What Do We Need To Be A Photographer?

A camera. Even the one on your phone. Study And Practice Photography With Sam.

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In Photography, It Ain’t So Much What We Know As What We Do With What We Know

While I know what a golf club is and what it is used for, I don’t know what to do with it in the same way as a more practiced golfer does in order to be a good golfer. In

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Cameras And Photographers Are Everywhere

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After Basic Photography – What You Made Versus How You Made It

You’ve got to be vetted to take any classes that are after the basic classes that I offer. The Basics —> https://samdamico.com/sam-damico-photography-classes-registration-area/#!/The-Basics/c/11332112/offset=0&sort=normal After The Basics —> https://samdamico.com/sam-damico-photography-classes-registration-area/#!/After-The-Basics/c/11675443/offset=0&sort=normal The vetting process is important to make sure that everyone in the class

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Some Important Information About Your Payment To Sam DAmico

Information about your payment to Sam D’Amico Please use the highlight menu, directly above, to choose the topic that best describes the reason for your payment and click on the link. —————————- If  You’ve Made A Payment For An Upcoming

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