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What We See. How We See. How We Think About What We See.

What we see: Regardless of what type of being we are we all see the same thing. How we see: Depending on what type of being we are, we see the same thing differently. Here’s a link that shows how

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Now We See It Now We Don’t

Ya’ ever see something and you think that what you’re seeing would make a great photograph but what you see is so fleeting that you don’t have time to take out your camera to make the photograph? Yup, me too.

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Have You Noticed?…

That for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere… That the days are getting longer? The shadows are getting shorter? The daylight is getting brighter? As the earth moves in relation to the sun the characteristics of the light that

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VIDEOS – Focusing

Focusing Focusing on something specific in our photograph  is an element of composition that insures what we see as an important part of our content is sharp. If the part of our picture that we want to be in focus

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VIDEOS – Framing And Content

Framing And Content Framing and content is is a part of our process when composing  a photograph. We can frame with a viewfinder or we can frame with an LCD screen  on our phone or with the LCD screen on

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Our Response-Ability As Photographers.

When we make a photograph we are responsible for the  photograph the we create. The outcome of the photograph is a result of our ability to respond (response-ability) to what we see (light) during our process of creating the photograph.

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Weather And Camera Function

Consider the weather if your camera malfunctions. Check the “specifications” part of the owners manual for your camera for information about the range of temperatures and the humidity that your camera can be operated in. Study And Practice Photography With

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Thinking About Entering A Photography Contest?

Think Twice. Some contests take a substantial part, if not all, of the copyright to your work. This is good for the folks running the contest, bad for photographers who submit their work. There’s a group called Pro-Imaging that is

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The Adaptive Photographer.

Unless we work in a studio or use a flash as a part of our composition, photographers have little control of the characteristics of light that we work with. Light changes. Adapt or die. We need  to be aware of,

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Arts And Crafts, Science, Photography

Photography combines part science, part craft and part art. You don’t need to know the science. You definitely need to learn craft. Once you learn and apply craft, you can make a photograph that someone may view as art. Study

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