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Flash And A Thunderstorm

He mentioned the right reasons for purchasing an external flash unit, which I think are more power and more versatility than the pop-up units on the camera can deliver.

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Question: What/which is the best Nikon (middle range price) professional photographic camera and which lenses, flash, and tripod are good for professional use?

There is no inherently “best”. There is only best in terms of what works for you. What you are asking is for someone who knows nothing about you, or the type of work that you do, to take on responsibility

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Question: How do I set an aperture to less than 4 with a telephoto lens (over 50 mm) on a Nikon D3300?

The camera has nothing to do with this. The lens may not allow for that much exposure. If you’re using a variable focal length (zoom) lens, the effective exposure of the lens may vary at different focal lengths. Study And

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Getting to Know Your Camera – What’s There To Know?

Getting to Know Your Camera – What’s There To Know? Since cameras have become “digital cameras” they have also become computers. On a base level, computers are information processing tools. On a base level cameras are light recording tools. A

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Question: How can I get bokeh background photos? I am using a Nikon 3200D with an 18-55mm kit lens.

Answer: Bokeh has nothing to do with your camera. Bokeh is an effect caused by the shape of the aperture. The aperture is in your lens. Use your aperture to get a the shallowest depth of field possible and focus

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What’s A Photograph?

Somewhere near the beginning of most, if not all, of my photography classes I ask the participants a question. “What’s a photograph”. Some of the answers I get, and I’m paraphrasing here, are; “A moment caught in time”, “a memory”,

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The Essentials For DSLR Photography

A DSLR, (Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera) light and a photographer. Simple. We set the camera to whatever exposure mode that we are comfortable using, compose the picture, press the shutter release and we’ve got a photograph. We either like

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The Light Meter In A Camera

The light meter in our camera measures the intensity (brightness) of light. Nothing more, nothing less. This measurement of light is expressed as an exposure. An exposure is expressed in terms of a combination of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

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Bruce Gilden and Joel Meyerowitz – Street Photographers

If nothing else, Mr. Gilden’s approach reminds us, and his subjects, that there is no privacy in public.

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The Exposure Mode Dial On Your Camera

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