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Getting to Know Your Camera – What’s There To Know?

Getting to Know Your Camera – What’s There To Know? Since cameras have become “digital cameras” they have also become computers. On a base level, computers are information processing tools. On a base level cameras are light recording tools. A

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Simple, Easy and Exposure Modes In Photography

We can work simply in manual exposure mode. We can work easily in an automatic exposure mode. Working simply in manual exposure mode, we can keep things uncomplicated and our work includes a thorough attentiveness and a straightforward efficiency that

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Question: How do you get people to do more than like your photography, like pay for it?

As you know, It ain’t enough to like it, they’ve got to like it enough to pay for the use of it. Ya can’t get anyone to do that. They either will or they won’t. In any event, You’ll need

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Improving Our Lighting

In my mind lighting is something that’s being done. It’s an activity/process that photographers can engage in. Light is something that stimulates our sight and makes things visible. Before we can improve our lighting, we need to understand light. That

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Creativity. We Got It Or We Don’t.

I don’t buy that bs. If we buy into that we diminish ourselves. We’re all creative, we just express our creativity in different ways. We all “got it”. We just need to cultivate our creativity with study and practice. It’s

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How And Why?

As photographers there’s some stuff that we do. Focusing. Metering. Making an exposure. There’s more but this’ll do for now. The HOW we do these things is with our camera. The WHY we do these things is our intent of

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As Professionals, How Do We Know What To Charge For Our Photography?

What we charge for our photography depends on us, not on what other photographers are charging. It’s essential to figure our cost of doing business/what we need to earn a living. We charge our clients for the following: Time. We

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The Best Critiques…

are self critiques. Our work. Our critique. Our opinion of our work drives our studies and practice. In terms of our studies, if we need help, a good teacher will give us guidance based on our opinion of our work

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A Better Camera Equals Better Photographs?

Yup. Setting aside our ideas of what makes a picture “better”, our ideas of what “better” means varies. Some of us might think that a better camera is one that is easy to carry and that we always have with

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The Adaptive Photographer.

Unless we work in a studio or use a flash as a part of our composition, photographers have little control of the characteristics of light that we work with. Light changes. Adapt or die. We need  to be aware of,

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