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How Does A Camera Work?

The Three Things We Mainly Do With Our Cameras To Create A Photograph

As A Photographer, Be Aware Of What you are Doing

At the core of of what you do as a photographer there are three things that need to be done to make a photograph. Meter – Measure the intensity of light. Make an exposure – Allow a specific amount of exposure to make the recording of light as bright or as dark as you want […]

Metering And Exposure : Evaluations And Decisions

Some Thoughts On Shutter Speed

A Photographer’s Raw Material, Continued

A Photographer’s Raw Material


Drawing Inspiration – Lee Friedlander

Drawing Inspiration – Lee Friedlander Drawing Inspiration is a series of posts dedicated to photographers who have inspired me. If possible, I’ve included a quote and a link to their work.

Do You See The Color?

Flash – A Portable Source Of Light That Will Make You A More Versatile Photographer

Customized Group Photography Classes – Student Comments

Your opinion and candid comments are valued because they help me to make sure the class is as effective as possible.

About The Quick Studies Photography Classes

Quick Studies are one meeting photography classes that provide the participants with topical lecture, class discussion and hands-on practice with their own camera equipment. This is an excellent way to learn about photography for those of us whom are time and budget conscious.

About The Multimeeting Photography Classes

Multimeeting Photography Classes offer the participants a way to learn about photography over an extended period of time. This insures that the participants have adequate time in between meetings to practice what they have learned and to present their work for discussion during the class.


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