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Question: What do you look for in a social network as a designer/photographer?

Answer: Whatever social network(s) I use, I NEVER post photographs due to copyright concerns. I’d suggest getting a blog on your website going then, post links to your blog posts to the social networks. The posts that you link to

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Question: What are the 5 most important rules of composition in photography?

Answer: I don’t buy into the “rules of composition” stuff. Instead of “rules” of composition I think of “elements” of composition. Everything we do as photographers is an element of composition. Controlling tonality is the most important to me. After

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Now We See It Now We Don’t

Ya’ ever see something and you think that what you’re seeing would make a great photograph but what you see is so fleeting that you don’t have time to take out your camera to make the photograph? Yup, me too.

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VIDEOS – Focusing

Focusing Focusing on something specific in our photograph  is an element of composition that insures what we see as an important part of our content is sharp. If the part of our picture that we want to be in focus

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Thinking About Entering A Photography Contest?

Think Twice. Some contests take a substantial part, if not all, of the copyright to your work. This is good for the folks running the contest, bad for photographers who submit their work. There’s a group called Pro-Imaging that is

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White Should Be White. Right?

The white balance settings on your camera represent the Kelvin temperatures of various illuminating light sources. The Kelvin temperature of a light source describes the color of an illuminating light source. The term color temperature and the term Kelvin temperature

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Seasons Greetings

I made a holiday e-card because I’m too lazy to buy cards, wirite ’em out and send ’em. I hope that you’ll take a look and listen. Here’s the link. —> https://samdamico.com/seasons/ Whether ya click the link or not. Happy

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Show and Tell Saturday

I’ve created a Facebook group to compliment my Being a Photographer online course. Today is ‘Show And Tell Saturday”. Have a look. Post to the group and show and tell. Here’s a link to the group. –> https://www.facebook.com/groups/beingaphotographer/ Here’s a

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The Pop-Up Flash On Your Camera

Take a look at the top of your camera. You’ll probably find a flash that you can conveniently pop-up with the press of a button. If you’ve never popped up the flash on your camera, the button is probably located

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The Color Of Light

We describe the color of  light in degrees Kelvin. Take a look at the white balance settings on your camera. Those white balance settings represent the Kelvin temperatures of  different light sources. The settings probably look like icons but those

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