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Exposure, ISO And Tonality

Making an exposure is something we do with our camera. An exposure is a recording of light onto light sensitive material. Light sensitive material can be film, a digital sensor or even the photographic paper that is used for making

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Improving Our Lighting

In my mind lighting is something that’s being done. It’s an activity/process that photographers can engage in. Light is something that stimulates our sight and makes things visible. Before we can improve our lighting, we need to understand light. That

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Have You Noticed?…

That for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere… That the days are getting longer? The shadows are getting shorter? The daylight is getting brighter? As the earth moves in relation to the sun the characteristics of the light that

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There’s something in your camera called a meter. This meter has different metering patterns and measures light intensity. Some of are aware of the meter and use it while in the process of making a photograph in manual exposure mode.

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Where Should We Practice Photography?

That was the question posed after a recent class. Here’s the answer. Anywhere we can see. All we do is see and, if the light effects us in a manner that initiates and impulse to create a photograph, take out a

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What’s A Photograph?

Somewhere near the beginning of most, if not all, of my photography classes I ask the participants a question. “What’s a photograph”. Some of the answers I get, and I’m paraphrasing here, are; “A moment caught in time”, “a memory”,

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Our Response-Ability As Photographers.

When we make a photograph we are responsible for the  photograph the we create. The outcome of the photograph is a result of our ability to respond (response-ability) to what we see (light) during our process of creating the photograph.

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The Word Photography…

from what I understand, was created from Greek words meaning “light” and “drawing”. If we draw with light, then I would consider light to be our “ink” and the camera to be our “drawing implement”. While cameras may differ in

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The Adaptive Photographer.

Unless we work in a studio or use a flash as a part of our composition, photographers have little control of the characteristics of light that we work with. Light changes. Adapt or die. We need  to be aware of,

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The Essentials For DSLR Photography

A DSLR, (Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera) light and a photographer. Simple. We set the camera to whatever exposure mode that we are comfortable using, compose the picture, press the shutter release and we’ve got a photograph. We either like

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