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Flash And A Thunderstorm

He mentioned the right reasons for purchasing an external flash unit, which I think are more power and more versatility than the pop-up units on the camera can deliver.

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Intermediate Photography – Flash – Light Effected by Flash and Light Not Effected by Flash.

Intermediate Photography – Flash – Light Effected by Flash and Light Not Effected by Flash. When we use flash we can begin to see elements of our composition as light effected by flash and light not effected by flash. Everything

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Question: What are some lighting tips when using a homemade light box for product photography?

Don’t count on window light. Work with light that you can control. https://www.flaxandtwine.com/2013/02/diy-photo-light-box-a-finish-fifty-project/ Study And Practice Photography With Sam Please follow and like us:

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What We’ve Got and What We Want

They usually ain’t the same. What we usually want is to make photographs like the ones we’ve seen in the past or the ones we imagine that we’ll make in the future. That future photograph can be the one we

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Question: What is exposure compensation?

Exposure compensation adjusts the tonality of the photograph while the photograph is being made in camera. In an automatic exposure mode, exposure compensation is adjusted automatically based on what the photographer sets as the exposure compensation and the light intensities

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A Quote By Michelangelo Buonarroti Regarding His Work As A Sculptor

“The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.” ― Michelangelo Buonarroti Can we apply his thought on his process as a

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Exposure, ISO And Tonality

Making an exposure is something we do with our camera. An exposure is a recording of light onto light sensitive material. Light sensitive material can be film, a digital sensor or even the photographic paper that is used for making

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Improving Our Lighting

In my mind lighting is something that’s being done. It’s an activity/process that photographers can engage in. Light is something that stimulates our sight and makes things visible. Before we can improve our lighting, we need to understand light. That

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Have You Noticed?…

That for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere… That the days are getting longer? The shadows are getting shorter? The daylight is getting brighter? As the earth moves in relation to the sun the characteristics of the light that

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There’s something in your camera called a meter. This meter has different metering patterns and measures light intensity. Some of are aware of the meter and use it while in the process of making a photograph in manual exposure mode.

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