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Photographing At Night


The Relationship Between Metering And Exposure

If your picture is too light, you’ve overexposed it. Overexposure means…

Your Photography, It’s All About You.

Focusing Something In Your Photograph And Focusing Your Attention

During the Introduction Photography class we talk about three things that we often do as photographers with our cameras to create a photograph. Metering: Using a light meter in our camera to measure the brightness of light. Making An Exposure: Controlling the amount of light that we allow to fall onto light sensitive material. Focusing: […]

How Does A Camera Work?

Change Your Mind And Become A Nimble Photographer

Make The Photograph Anyway

What Should We Pay to Improve Our Photography?

What do we need to pay to create GOOD photographs and yet cost us nothing out of our pockets?

What Are We Really Photographing?

The Road To Creativity

Do You Know How To Meter?

You use your camera meter to evaluate the intensity, or brightness, of light. You meter is located in your camera and chances are good that you have few metering patterns, or modes, to choose from. Your metering mode has an area of influence that drives your exposure. You meter is an evaluation tool while your […]

The Three Things We Mainly Do With Our Cameras To Create A Photograph

When Does Your Work As a Photographer start?

As A Photographer, Be Aware Of What you are Doing

At the core of of what you do as a photographer there are three things that need to be done to make a photograph. Meter – Measure the intensity of light. Make an exposure – Allow a specific amount of exposure to make the recording of light as bright or as dark as you want […]

Featured Picture – A Roller-Skater With Pink Pants Lit With Flash In Fluorescent Light

Featured Picture – A Roller-Skater With Pink Pants Lit With Flash In Fluorescent Light A thin legged roller-skater wearing pink pants and yellow socks is lit with flash while moving through a room lit with fluorescent lighting. (Sam D’Amico) Click on image to: View a larger version License Use (Rights Managed Stock Photography) Buy a […]

The Craft Of Photography And The Primary Tool Of The Craft

Do You Really Need A Digital Photography Class?

If you learn the basics of photography, it doesn’t matter what type of camera you use. Film or digital, Nikon or Canon, as a photographer who has a good understanding of the basics photography, you’ll be able to create photographs with whatever camera is in your hands.

Use The Flash On Your Camera To Make Better Pictures

When you have a better understanding of light, you become a better photographer.

What Is Metering And Exposure? ( Learn Photography And Camera Operation Basics )

The light meter on your camera measures the intensity of light. What you meter is a choice. What you choose to meter is an evaluation/measurement of light intensity. Exposure is the recording of light onto light sensitive material. Exposure is a subjective […]

Photography And Camera Basics

Class Premise And Intention Whether we use a camera phone or more complex camera, such as a DSLR, what we do as photographers and what we do with our cameras to create a photograph, on a base level, is the same regardless of the camera. If we want to become a better photographer and create […]

Light Centric and Camera Centric

The Best Time Of Day To Make A Photograph

Your Camera…


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