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What’s The Difference Between Photography Classes, Courses And Lessons ?

The “M” On Your Camera Mode Dial

A Photographer’s Raw Material

Your Camera Owners Manual: The Lite Version Versus The Full Version

Many of the printed manuals manuals that come with todays cameras are an abbreviated version of the full manual.

What Were You Thinking?

Why You Should Learn To Work Your Camera In Manual Exposure Mode

Now What?


Technically Excellent Failures

Missed The Picture? Don’t Worry About it.

Your Prescription For Better Photography

Technical Mastery Is…

Do You Want To Learn To Be a Better Photographer?

After Basic Photography – What You Made Versus How You Made It

You’ve got to be vetted to take any classes that are after the basic classes that I offer. The Basics —>!/The-Basics/c/11332112/offset=0&sort=normal After The Basics —>!/After-The-Basics/c/11675443/offset=0&sort=normal The vetting process is important to make sure that everyone in the class is at the same level of understanding. There’s nothing worse, from my perspective as a […]

A Better Way Than Bracketing

Bracketing may be fine for static subjects, but if you are photographing things in flux, you’ve got one chance to get the right exposure.

Introduction To Photography Question And Answer Forum

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Washington DC Photography Classes – Beginners Should Begin Here

Introduction To Photography

Through weekly assignments and critiques you will learn to work your SLR camera, become familiar with the technical aspects of photography and create photographs based on your desired compositional outcomes. Once you begin to make compositional choices with the visual effects in mind, your pictures will begin to move beyond the result of luck and you will begin to compose pictures that more accurately represent your desired outcome.

Learn The Basics Of Photography

Sam D’Amico offers two  classes that will help you to learn the basics of photography and how to use your camera in manual exposure mode. When you have an understanding of the basics of photography and you use your camera in manual exposure mode you use your mind, instead of a machine, to create photographs. […]

Introduction To Photography – Student Comments

Your opinion and candid comments are valued because they help me to make sure the class is as effective as possible.


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