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Getting to Know Your Camera – What’s There To Know?

Getting to Know Your Camera – What’s There To Know? Since cameras have become “digital cameras” they have also become computers. On a base level, computers are information processing tools. On a base level cameras are light recording tools. A

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Wanna Be A Good Photographer? Don’t Delete Your “Bad” Pictures

If you’re learning photography by using a digital camera, you’re bad pictures can make you a good photographer. Your pictures hold information that you can access. You can readily access and use this information to learn from your “mistakes”. You’re

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Drawing Inspiration – Arnold Newman

Drawing Inspiration – Arnold Newman Drawing Inspiration is a series of posts dedicated to photographers who have inspired me. If possible, I’ve included a quote and a link to their work.

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There’s something in your camera called a meter. This meter has different metering patterns and measures light intensity. Some of are aware of the meter and use it while in the process of making a photograph in manual exposure mode.

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Weather And Camera Function

Consider the weather if your camera malfunctions. Check the “specifications” part of the owners manual for your camera for information about the range of temperatures and the humidity that your camera can be operated in. Study And Practice Photography With

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Thinking About Entering A Photography Contest?

Think Twice. Some contests take a substantial part, if not all, of the copyright to your work. This is good for the folks running the contest, bad for photographers who submit their work. There’s a group called Pro-Imaging that is

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Where Can Someone Learn Photography Online?

There are many options. Some options are well known and some aren’t. Many students/photographers I teach face to face tell me they have difficulty learning photography from online sources. They tell me the information seems inconsistent and there’s no opportunity

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Don’t Believe Your Photography Teacher

Don’t believe what I, or any of your other teachers, tell you.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Photography Class

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