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Your Prescription For Better Photography

Photography Classes At Night

If Photography Is So Easy, Why Is It So Hard To Make A Good Photograph?

As A Photographer, Be Aware Of What you are Doing

The Intentional Photograph

Same Photograph, Different Photographers

The Importance Of Using Your Camera In Manual Exposure Mode

What Is Metering And Exposure?

The “Right” Exposure

Do You Want To Learn To Be a Better Photographer?

What Matters More Than Metering And Exposure?

A Brief Conversation On Facebook

Above Average Photographers Make Above Average Photographs

Choosing And Accepting

How (Exposure) Times Have Changed

Metering And Exposure : Evaluations And Decisions

Exposure And The Ballpark

The Importance Of Exposure

The “M” On Your Camera Mode Dial

Deciding And Decisive

Photographing What You See And Photographing How You See

Taking Responsibility For Your Photography

Some Thoughts On Shutter Speed

Scheduled – Lighting With Portable Flash Classes In Washington DC.

Scheduled – Lighting With Portable Flash Classes In Washington DC. Through lecture and practice with their own cameras and flash units the participants in this workshop will learn the basics of flash operation and how to use the flash more creatively and effectively.


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