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Intermediate Photography – Flash – Light Effected by Flash and Light Not Effected by Flash.

Intermediate Photography – Flash – Light Effected by Flash and Light Not Effected by Flash. When we use flash we can begin to see elements of our composition as light effected by flash and light not effected by flash. Everything

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Being A Photographer – Framing and Content

Being A Photographer – Framing and Content Framing is an element of composition that we utilize to isolate what we feel is an interesting “segment” of everything we see. Content are the elements of composition that we not only put

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Question: What are the 5 most important rules of composition in photography?

Answer: I don’t buy into the “rules of composition” stuff. Instead of “rules” of composition I think of “elements” of composition. Everything we do as photographers is an element of composition. Controlling tonality is the most important to me. After

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White Balance

Most of us use our white balance settings in the automatic (AWB) setting. The idea is that if white looks white, then everything else is “color correct”. Is “color correct” always what we want? What if our photograph wasn’t “color

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Experiencing, Intent and Photography

As photographers we are experiencing what we photograph while we are creating a photograph. We experience what we photograph with all of our senses and usually we experience thoughts and feelings about what we are experiencing. Depending on the intent

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Can We Learn Photography On A Cheap Digital Compact Camera?

Yes. Photography is less about equipment and more about the photographer making the picture. Learn to use whatever camera you’ve got to make pictures. On a base level, in terms of what we do as photographers, and with our camera

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What Does Exposure and Composition Mean In Photography?

Exposure is a combination of aperture and shutter speed which renders a recording of light (a photograph) onto light sensitive material. Composition is everything we do as photographers to create a photograph. Including exposure. Study And Practice Photography With Sam.

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Seeing, Thinking And Cameras

Assuming our eyes are ok, we’ve been seeing since we opened our eyes as babies. Our eyes take in everything in our field of view. Once in a while we see something that gets our attention and we get the

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Observing and Recording Light

It’s what we work with as photographers. We observe light with our eyes. We think about our composition with our mind. We record light light with our camera. Without light we have nothing to photograph. As photographers we should practice seeing everything

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Finding Inspiration In The Ordinary

Not feeling inspired by the ordinary? We tend to overlook the ordinary in search for  something extraordinary. If you take a moment and look closer at the ordinary you will see something extraordinary. When you see something extraordinary in the ordinary, photograph it. Use whatever

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