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Change Your Mind And Become A Nimble Photographer

Do You Think Your Camera Takes Good Pictures?

If cameras took good pictures, wouldn’t they be good pictures all of the time?

What Should We Pay to Improve Our Photography?

What do we need to pay to create GOOD photographs and yet cost us nothing out of our pockets?

Good Cameras And Good Photographers

A Discussion Between Two Photographers


Be A Good Photographer Or Just Look Like One

Light Centric and Camera Centric

Should You Get A Better Lens?

When It Comes To Being A Better Photographer, What Are You Investing In?

Photography Is Not…

Cameras, lenses and equipment. These are tools to help you make photographs. Photography is not f-stops shutter speeds and ISO or other technical matters. These things help you to refine your composition. Photography is not about equipment or technical mastery. There are plenty of mundane photographs created with expensive equipment and by photographers who excel […]

If You Want To Be A Photographer

How To Buy Photography Equipment

Flash Photography Basics

When used thoughtfully your flash can be an important element of your composition and can dramatically improve your photograph…

The Most Valuable Thing I Own As A Professional Photographer

Although I own equipment that allows me to do my job as a photographer the most valuable thing that I own by far is

Using Your Owners Manual Effectively – Online Photography Lesson

Lesson Premise Before you learn photography you’ve got to become familiar with the tools/equipment (camera, lens, flash, etc. ) that you use to do photography. That’s where the owners manuals to the equipment that you use comes in.  Many of the printed manuals that come with today’s cameras are an abbreviated version of the full manual. In […]

The Cost Of Opportunity

Flash – A Portable Source Of Light That Will Make You A More Versatile Photographer

An Overview Of Washington DC Photography Classes Courses And Lessons Offered By Sam DAmico

An Overview Of Photography Instruction Offered By Sam D’Amico

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about upcoming photography classes? The answers may already be here. If the answer to you question can not be found, please use the reply area on the bottom of the page to ask any questions that you may have.

Questions To Ask Before You Invest In A Photography Class

Of course I hope that you’ll decide to explore your interest in photography by registering for my classes, however, I realize that there are a lot of choices available.

In order to help you make a more informed decision based on your particular needs, please take a moment to read through the following questions before you register for any workshop.

I hope the questions will assist you in selecting the right person or organization to work with.

About The Quick Studies Photography Classes

Quick Studies are one meeting photography classes that provide the participants with topical lecture, class discussion and hands-on practice with their own camera equipment. This is an excellent way to learn about photography for those of us whom are time and budget conscious.

My Basic Flash Equipment

Many people who are interested in the Lighting With Portable Flash Workshop, who have yet to invest in a separate flash unit, ask me for advice on purchasing a flash.

Just You And Your Camera Are Enough


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