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Focusing Something In Your Photograph And Focusing Your Attention

During the Introduction Photography class we talk about three things that we often do as photographers with our cameras to create a photograph. Metering: Using a light meter in our camera to measure the brightness of light. Making An Exposure: Controlling the amount of light that we allow to fall onto light sensitive material. Focusing: […]

When You Make A Picture

“I Want My Pictures To Look Like The Way Things Really Are”

If you were  in one of my photography classes and, while we were reviewing your work, you were to state that “I want my pictures to look like the way things really are”, I would ask “the way things really are to who?” My question is meant to spur a conversation about seeing and perception. While […]

Upcoming Intermediate Photography Classes In Washington, DC

Upcoming Intermediate Photography Classes In Washington, DC Reinforce your basic photography skills and techniques… Learn new skills and techniques… Understand and observe light… Be more precise in the creation of your photograph… Have the process of creating a photograph become more second nature… Learn about basic flash photography… Learn the basics of color photography… Create […]

Photographing What You See And Photographing How You See

Learn From Your EXIF Data


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