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Framing and Content

Framing is what we do as an activity of camera operation and composition when viewing through our viewfinder or viewing the LCD screen on the back of camera if a viewfinder is not available. Content is what we put into

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The Speed Of Light

I ain’t no Einstein. In terms of my smarts, I’m probably closer to Frankenstein. While physicists discuss the speed of light, as a photographer I’m more comfortable discussing the speed of reflective light sources. Reflective light sources such as cars

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An F-stop Is an opening in your lens. While many photographers use the term F-stop, I prefer the word aperture. Aperture, F-stop, we can use whatever term we want. What aperture we pick influences the composition of your photograph in

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How And Why?

As photographers there’s some stuff that we do. Focusing. Metering. Making an exposure. There’s more but this’ll do for now. The HOW we do these things is with our camera. The WHY we do these things is our intent of

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Drawing Inspiration – Arnold Newman

Drawing Inspiration – Arnold Newman Drawing Inspiration is a series of posts dedicated to photographers who have inspired me. If possible, I’ve included a quote and a link to their work.

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Why do some photographers hate flash and avoid using it?

I don’t know, you’ll have to ask them. Here’s why I like flash. It’s a light source that, when used appropriately, is an effective way to add to the depth of composition of your photograph. You know that picture of

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Composition In Photography…

Is EVERYTHING we do as photographers in terms of our studies and practice to create a photograph. Each thing that we do can be considered an ELEMENT of composition. How we each study and practice is as varied as each

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VIDEOS – Critiquing

Critiquing After we’re done composing our picture, it is important to critique our own work. An honest critique of our own work is useful in offering us guidance in terms of how we are functioning as photographers in terms of 

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VIDEOS – Focusing

Focusing Focusing on something specific in our photograph  is an element of composition that insures what we see as an important part of our content is sharp. If the part of our picture that we want to be in focus

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VIDEOS – Tonality

Tonality Observing the tonality of our picture is an important process of composition. We can describe the tonality of our photograph as being too dark, too bright or just right. If our picture is too bright or dark the other

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