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The Camera Thinks. The Camera Knows.

Many times during class, the photographers I work with will use language like that when talking about camera operation. A camera is a machine and as a machine we use it as a tool to measure, evaluate and to make a

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Do It Again.

That’s what practice is. During a class if someone makes a mistake I’ll ask them to do it again. Not the mistake of course, but what they were doing that led to the mistake. It’s great when we get things

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Where Should We Practice Photography?

That was the question posed after a recent class. Here’s the answer. Anywhere we can see. All we do is see and, if the light effects us in a manner that initiates and impulse to create a photograph, take out a

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Online Photography Tutorials Main Page

About this page On this page you’ll find video tutorials, and other content, that are related to the classes that Sam teaches in Washington DC. Sam created this content in response to participants in his DC classes that suggested he

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Introduction To Photography Classes In Washington DC Starting In February 2018

Introduction To Photography Classes In Washington DC Starting In February 2018 Classes start on the following dates: February 3 February 6 February 7 Click here to learn more about the class and/or to register —> Introduction To Photography Classes In

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Where Can Someone Learn Photography Online?

There are many options. Some options are well known and some aren’t. Many students/photographers I teach face to face tell me they have difficulty learning photography from online sources. They tell me the information seems inconsistent and there’s no opportunity

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How important is Exposure?

I don’t think the importance of exposure could be overstated as an element of photographic composition If you put all of your effort into framing and all of the other elements of composition and you miss the mark on your exposure, all of

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The “M” On Your Camera Mode Dial

A participant in the Introduction to Photography class commented that the “M” on the mode dial on her DSLR no longer meant “mystery” to her. Beyond what it really means, which is manual exposure mode, I hope it also means…

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Some Thoughts On Shutter Speed

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Your Camera Owners Manual: The Lite Version Versus The Full Version

Many of the printed manuals manuals that come with todays cameras are an abbreviated version of the full manual.

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