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Histograms A blog post based on conversations with participants during my photography classes. A histogram is a graph that gives us information about the tonality of our photograph. We should be able to display it when reviewing our pictures on

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Flash And A Thunderstorm

He mentioned the right reasons for purchasing an external flash unit, which I think are more power and more versatility than the pop-up units on the camera can deliver.

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Question: Which one will I choose, a Canon 200D (SL2) or a Canon 800D (T7I)?

Unless this is a psychic ability test, I’ll guess you’re askin’ which one you should choose. That’s up to you. Here’s some help: Can you recommend a camera? Study And Practice Photography With Sam Please follow and like us:

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Drawing Inspiration – Nina Berman – 0513-2018

Drawing Inspiration – Nina Berman Drawing Inspiration is a series of posts dedicated to photographers who have inspired me. If possible, I’ve included a quote and a link to their work. Please follow and like us:

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Question: What/which is the best Nikon (middle range price) professional photographic camera and which lenses, flash, and tripod are good for professional use?

There is no inherently “best”. There is only best in terms of what works for you. What you are asking is for someone who knows nothing about you, or the type of work that you do, to take on responsibility

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Question: So I am really drawn to photography, whenever I see a picture that’s really beautiful or creative. I feel so rejuvenated inside and alive. Could that be hinting that I should venture into photography or that’s it is my passion?

It means you enjoy seeing photographs. If you enjoy seeing photographs, you may enjoy creating photographs. If ya got a camera on your phone use that to start with. It doesn’t take much to be a photographer. Enjoy. Here’s some

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Being A Photographer – When do we know we’re photographers?

When do we know we’re photographers? Is it when we have a lot of photography gear? Is it when we have accumulated a certain amount of pictures? Is it when we have a certain type of camera? In terms of

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Question: How many pictures can you take with the average camera without running out of storage space?

I don’t think of a digital camera as “storage” A digital camera transfer pictures recorded on the sensor to a memory card. The memory card has a limited amount of storage and should be noted on the memory card. How

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Question: Can a pinhole camera work without memory cards?

Any camera can work without a memory card. A memory card is used for storage, not for making a picture. The memory card stores the photographs that are created on a digital sensor. The sensor records. The camera then transfers

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Question: Do professional photographers shoot only in RAW format for professional work? Are there any ways to remove blur or fix exposure in jpeg images?

Answer: It depends on the photographer whether to create pictures in RAW or some other file type. The best way to remove blur and “fix” exposure, regardless of file type, is in camera during the creation of the picture. Study

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