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Introduction To Photography – What, How, and Why.

Introduction To Photography – What, How, and Why. There’s what we do, how we do and why we do. As photographers, what we do is create photographs, how we do is based on the camera we use and our understanding

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The Camera Thinks. The Camera Knows.

Many times during class, the photographers I work with will use language like that when talking about camera operation. A camera is a machine and as a machine we use it as a tool to measure, evaluate and to make a

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Good Practice Leads to Good Photography

Practice develops “muscle” or “procedural” memory. Procedural memory doesn’t characterize our practice as correct or incorrect. If our practice is full of correct action in terms of what we’re doin’ with our camera during our creation of a photograph (camera

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Framing and Content

Framing is what we do as an activity of camera operation and composition when viewing through our viewfinder or viewing the LCD screen on the back of camera if a viewfinder is not available. Content is what we put into

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How And Why?

As photographers there’s some stuff that we do. Focusing. Metering. Making an exposure. There’s more but this’ll do for now. The HOW we do these things is with our camera. The WHY we do these things is our intent of

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Our Response-Ability As Photographers.

When we make a photograph we are responsible for the  photograph the we create. The outcome of the photograph is a result of our ability to respond (response-ability) to what we see (light) during our process of creating the photograph.

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Seeing, Thinking And Cameras

Assuming our eyes are ok, we’ve been seeing since we opened our eyes as babies. Our eyes take in everything in our field of view. Once in a while we see something that gets our attention and we get the

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Focusing Something In Your Photograph And Focusing Your Attention

During the Introduction Photography class we talk about three things that we often do as photographers with our cameras to create a photograph. Metering: Using a light meter in our camera to measure the brightness of light. Making An Exposure:

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Why You Should Learn To Work Your Camera In Manual Exposure Mode

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Upcoming Introduction to Photography Classes In Washington, DC

Upcoming Introduction to Photography Classes In Washington, DC. Learn to work your camera. Learn basic photography. Learn to make better photographs. By working your camera in fully manual mode throughout the class, you will become thoroughly familiar with basic camera

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