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Business Of Photography – Should You Work For Free?

Business Of Photography – For Love Or Money

Business Of Photography – Talent

Business Of Photography – What Business Are We REALLY In?

Whether your photography business involves photographing weddings, portraits, news, products or whatever, you’re really in the business of…

The Middle Way Of Art And Business

The Cost Of Opportunity

Business Of Photography – You Are The Creator

What you create is intellectual property. This intellectual property is yours and you can make money with it. Intellectual property is the heart of your business as a photographer. If you want to learn more about the business of photography….

Business Of Photography – Pro-crastination

Business Of Photography – Where Is Your Market?

I tend to think of the photography marketplace in two large general categories, the consumer marketplace or the business to business marketplace…

What Makes A Professional Photographer?

Can You Send Me Copies Of The Pictures?

Here’s What I Think About Copyright

The Quickest Way To Make Money With Your Camera Is To…

Pricing Your Photography

Don’t Let’em Grab Your Copyright

The Amateurs Are Ruining This Business

A classic rant by the prolific and award winning writer, Harlan Ellison. Not for those easily offended by coarse language. Replace the word “writer” with “photographer”. I wish more photographers had his attitude.

A Case Study About The Business Of Art From The Harvard Business School

Why would someone pay $500.00 for a trash-bin or $200.00 for a toilet brush ? Believe it or not, for those of us in the creative industries, there’s a lesson in the answer.

Copyright Basics

As I tell students in my business of photography classes; in the business of photography if you don’t have your copyright, you’ve got nothing.

Questions And Answers

You’ve got photography related  questions, I’ll do my best to give you an answer.

To Succeed In The Business Of Photography

If It’s Good Enough To Be Used, It’s Good Enough To Be Paid For

Copyright Infringer Caught Red-handed

Business Of Photography – Update On AFP v. Morel – More Than $120,000,000 Is On The Line

Culture And The Internet


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