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I’m Not Alone in My Struggle With Art

Photographic Prints For Your Wall

Reasonably priced, quality, photographic prints for your walls. Watermark that is visible online does not appear on the print. Prints are digital chromogenic prints (C – Prints, Digital) and, according to the paper manufactures, are rated to last between 50 and 75 years. Stability of the print depends on a variety of factors. I can […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Photography Class

Photographers, Choose Your Words Carefully

When I write blog posts I try to keep SEO in mind so people and search engines can find my photographs and other content on the web. In order to do that I try to use words relevant to an article or photograph The lesson this morning came in the form of a title for my post.

A Case About Social Networks And Photographers

Social networking sites like TwitPic have a lot of potential for individual photographers to license their work. This case is important because if it goes for AFP we lose. If it goes for Morel it restates that as the owners of our work we must grant permission to use it.


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