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Mistakes. I’ve Made A Few..

When It Comes To Being A Better Photographer, What Are You Investing In?

To Be A Better Photographer, Concentrate On Your Weaknesses


About Being A Better Photographer

Photography Tips From A Photography Teacher That Are Intended To Help You To Be A Better Photographer Being a Better Photographer is an area of the Sam D’Amico Photography website. The content of Being A Better Photographer mainly consists of short posts inspired by conversations during his photography classes. The posts are intended to get […]

Missing Those Back To Schools Days? Here’s A Test!

Just to get into the spirit of  things I’ve  made an online version of a basic photography test that I give to students in my  photography classes. If you’d like  to take it, you’ll be able to access it via my Being A Better Photographer website.

Don’t Hate Your Flash…Learn To Use It And Become A Better Photographer

Don’t hate your flash, learn to use it to make better pictures !!!


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