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The Exposure Mode Dial On Your Camera


All of these changes have a compositional outcome. If you are changing these things and not…

The Road To Creativity

I’m Not Paying Attention To The Composition Of My Photograph

Don’t Have Your Camera Handy? You Can Practice Photography Anyway.

Next time you’re viewing a photograph try to imagine how the photographer made the picture. Do you think that they used a large aperture or a small aperture? How about a fast or slow shutter speed? What about the ISO? And the focal length lens? What do you think the the white balance setting was? […]

The “Priority” Exposure Modes

On your exposure mode dial there is an aperture priority mode and a shutter priority mode. In aperture priority mode, you pick the aperture (f-stop) and your camera picks the shutter speed. In shutter priority mode, you pick the shutter speed and your camera picks the aperture. The problem with these modes is that, in terms of […]

Do You Want To Learn To Be a Better Photographer?

Above Average Photographers Make Above Average Photographs

In Photography, There’s A Lot To Learn

In photography, theres a lot to learn.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a know-it-all.

Taking Versus Making

Now What?

Drawing Inspiration – Ralph Auletta

Drawing Inspiration – Ralph Auletta Drawing Inspiration is a series of posts dedicated to photographers who have inspired me. If possible, I’ve included a quote and a link to their work.

About Metering And Exposure

What Your Camera’s Light Meter Does

Your camera meter measures the intensity (brightness) of light. Nothing more, nothing less.
This measurement of light is expressed as…


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