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Learn From Your EXIF Data

If Photography Is So Easy, Why Is It So Hard To Make A Good Photograph?

Photography is probably the easiest medium in which anyone can be competent. Anyone can be a marginally capable photographer and produce a decent photograph. The hard part of photography is developing a personal vision that is idiosyncratic. The hard part of photography is separating yourself visually from the rest of the photographers who are making decent photographs. Your photography has to become more […]

Observing And Perceiving

A Consolodation

Starting with the next batch of posts I’m going to make all posts on the Sam D’Amico Photography Website. I’ll slowly be moving posts from the Being a Better Photographer Website over to the Sam D’Amico Photography Website. One site instead of two. Just seems simpler.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Photography Class

With Jobs Like These, You’ll Need A Job !

Photographers who are beginning their careers feel that they must work for low pay or no pay to prove themselves. As photographers we prove ourselves with our work. The only thing we prove by working for little or no pay is that we will work for little or no pay.

Business Of Photography – The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations

You know the sad thing is that, at least in photography, there are plenty of photographers who cave in to this crap.