Stairwell, Ceiling, Light and Wall – Featured Photography

Stairwell ceiling light and wall – Featured Photography

stairwell ceiling light and wall



stairwell ceiling light and wall

The underside side of a stairwell, a ceiling with a light and wall located
in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC.

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Stairwell, Ceiling, Light, and Wall.

About The Photograph

Photographer’s Statement

For the purpose of this discussion, I would characterize this photograph as a found recorded observation.

In other words, this was an unplanned photograph that I created as a spontaneous response to what I was seeing.

The Backstory

The Process Of Making The Photograph/Overview of the process of composition.

In sum, this photograph was made while navigating a set of stairs in a bulding located in the Adams Morgan section of Washington, DC.

And at the time this picture was made I was holding photography classes there.

Because a class ended I was exiting the building.

However, perhaps inspired by the discussion during the class, I decided to look up.

Seeing and thinking

While looking up I noticed the patterns and colors that made up an area of a building that I’ve passed numerous times before. However, when I looked up my interest was piqued by the similar colors and the variance of shapes and light intensities.

In my mind, this photograph was about geometry and contrast.

Specifically, I though that the variance of shapes along with the extreme contrast of light intensities would make an interesting photograph. 

Framing and content

Considering what I was seeing and thinking, I decided to fill the frame with as many different geometric patterns as possible and also include the transmitting light which was the light in the ceiling. 


I spot metered for the triangle-shaped shadow area of the light green wall and decreased tonality by a stop to record the shadow area as a dark green.


I focused on the edge of the ceiling near the black post near the center of the frame.

Additional composition considerations

A high ISO and slightly slow shutter speed were  utilized to add noise and a slight blur.

The Critique Of The Photograph

Above all, I need to see the final photograph as a result of my process of making the picture. Because when viewed from that perspective I can critique my composition in a useful way.

The Visual

An interplay of shapes and tonalities.

In addition, except for the small number of warm colors that are a part of the transmitting light source, this is a  cool (greens and blues) color scheme. 

The high ISO adds an element of noise.

The Psychology

The geometric structure adds a sense of stability.

On the other hand, the interplay and variance of shapes suggest change and instability.  In addition, the slight blur introduced by the slow shutter speed supports the instability.

The subject matter has an industrial, gritty feel. And the noise produce by the high ISO adds to that “grittiness”.

While, in contrast to the aforementioned industrial grittiness,  the color scheme of blues and greens are relaxing and suggest nature.



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