Using Your Owners Manual Effectively – Online Photography Lesson

Lesson Premise

  • Before you learn photography you’ve got to become familiar with the tools/equipment (camera, lens, flash, etc. ) that you use to do photography. That’s where the owners manuals to the equipment that you use comes in.  Many of the printed manuals that come with today’s cameras are an abbreviated version of the full manual. In order to get the most out your camera you should use the “full” version of the owners manual that came with your camera.

Lesson Description

  • This tutorial will show you the most effective way to use the owners manuals that came with your equipment so you can learn how to use your equipment in the most efficient/effective way to create the photographs that you want.


  • If you don’t have the “full” version of your owners manual (and I think that you do need to have it) you can probably find it on one of the CD’s that came with your camera. You also may be able to download a copy of one if you go to the camera manufacture’s website.
  • There is no need to print out the manual (save money and trees). You can download it, usually as a PDF, onto a display device such as a smart-phone or tablet.

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