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Business Of Photography Blog Posts

How do we make the most as photographers?

How do we make the most as photographers? How do we make the most as photographers? Because I’m interpreting this question in a couple of different ways, I’ll address both.  As an avocation (hobby) All in all, Id’ say that

How do freelance photographers earn a good living?

How do freelance photographers earn a good living ?     The Background For This Blog Post Often, in my classes, it seems some of the people in the class are thinkin’ about trying to earn some money with their

What Is Fine Art?

What Is Fine Art?     Fine Art, Fine Art Photographer and SEO I’ve got an issue with the terms “fine art photography” and “fine art photographer”.  To be specific, I view those terms as an attempt to elevate the

If Our Pictures Are Good Enough To Use …

If Our Pictures Are Good Enough To Use Then they’re good enough to pay for. The Way Photographers Make Money As professional photographers, we should be in this business to make money.  Specifically we’re paid for our time, expenses and

Photojournalism and Credibility

Not only have the reporters lost their credibility, but they news organizations that these reporters appear on have lost credibility too.

Get In Crash Position

It’s going to happen.

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

Your computer, and any other hard drive or storage media that you use is going to fail. Yup, it’s going to happen.

Our Stock (Photography) Options – We Gotta Know The Markets

If you are considering making a venture into stock photography what should you consider?

Grab ’em By The Copyright

What If I asked you to agree to give me a photograph that you created?

Would you agree to give it to me if I put restrictions on how you could use It?

What if part of our agreement was that I could use your photograph to make money but I did not have to give you a penny of any money that I made, would you still agree?

What If I could let anyone use the picture for anything that they wanted, do we have a deal yet?

What If I could charge whatever I wanted for the photograph, effectively undercutting you on price, could I have it now?

What If by giving me your picture you agreed that your photograph would no longer be yours and you would have to get my written permission to use it for any reason, are we in agreement?

If you’re a professional photographer, you could clearly see how this is damaging to your ability to generate income with your work. Yet many photographers are agreeing to give away their work under such terms.

How could this happen?

Watch the following video

Copyright-No Means No, UNLESS…..

A blog post based on conversations with participants during my photography classes. No Means No, UNLESS….. ….you say yes to those who can then say yes to those you said no to. If we’re gonna control how our work is

How do you stop getting copyright flagged?

How do you stop getting copyright flagged? It’s simple. STOP USING WORK THAT’S NOT YOURS TO USE. . If ya wanna use someones work, get their WRITTEN permission. Study And Practice Photography With Sam


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