Monthly Ongoing Study And Practice Support Meetings – DC Class

Monthly Ongoing Study And Practice Support Meetings

Upcoming Meetings, Price And Registration

Course Description

An ongoing monthly meeting for photographers who would like guidance with their ongoing studies and practice.

These meeting are not the place to learn about the basics, such as ISO aperture, shutter speed , etc.

These meetings are intended to help photographers hone their photographic technique, camera operation skills and compositions.

  • Ongoing, monthly meetings.  Scheduled for 1.5 hours/90 minutes per meeting.
  • Limited to 3 participants.

These ongoing, monthly meetings,  are not like Sam’s photography classes that have a beginning and an end. 

This is an ongoing, monthly, meeting that was created at the suggestion of photographers who wanted to continue to work with Sam beyond the Introduction and Intermediate photography classes that he offers in Washington DC.

Each meeting is an open forum for discussions and is an opportunity for the attending photographers to get guidance related to their individual studies and practice from Sam and the other attending photographers.

Meetings are limited to three photographers with each photographer allotted up to 30 minutes to address their specific questions.

While these ongoing meetings were created with the photographers who have taken Sam’s classes in mind, they are open to anyone who is looking for help with their work.


  • Bring photographs, no more than 4,  that best represent what you’ll be  addressing.
    • If you’d like to discuss a topic that is not visual in nature, such as the business of photography or how to buy equipment, no pictures are needed.
  • Be a photographer who is involved with their photography.

Important Notices

    • Please bring something to take notes with to class.
    • If you are registering for this class on the day that it is scheduled, you must bring a copy of your receipt as your proof of payment in order to be admitted.
    • By registering for this class I agree to the Registration Terms And Conditions.

Class Meeting Location

Depending on the time and day the class is scheduled, classes meet at one of two locations in the Chinatown area of Washington, DC.

If our meeting starts at:

2 comments on “Monthly Ongoing Study And Practice Support Meetings – DC Class
  1. Sherri Rhoten says:

    This is awesome! I now live in New Mexuco, if I still lived on the east coast I would definitely participate. I had Sam as an instructor at Washington School of Photography back when it was still in Bethesda. Great teacher with much to offer.This will be a great opportunity for anyone able to attend.

    • Thank you, Sherri.

      If ya lived on the east coast, I imagine I’d enjoy working with you as much as I did In Bethesda at WSP.

      I’m gonna’ make an online version of this.

      Let me know if you’re interested an I’ll keep ya updated.

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