Customer Comments Regarding Prints Purchased And Received

Thank you for purchasing reproductions of my photographs for personal display use.

In order to keep a handle on the experience of purchasing prints and the quality of the prints I’d appreciate your comments on the following:

Was the process of selecting a photograph to print convenient and was the print easy to order?

Was the order fulfilled and received by you in a timely manner?

Did your order arrive securely packaged?

Did the quality of the print meet your expectations?

Please leave your comments in the “Leave A Reply” area below.

Thank you again for purchasing reproductions of my photographs for use as personal display and thank you for any feedback you can offer. I hope you enjoy my photographs.

Best Regards,



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2 comments on “Customer Comments Regarding Prints Purchased And Received
  1. Georgette says:

    I ordered and received two of Sam D’Amico’s photographs for my personal use. They are terrific. My answers to the above questions are:
    Yes, the website was easy to use and selecting and ordering prints was easy. Deciding which photographs I wanted to order was more difficult, but I suppose that’s a different issue (ha*ha). My order was received timely and the packaging was superb! The quality of the prints met my expectations.
    Many thanks to Sam for offering his work for sale. I will enjoy the photographs for many years to come. It doesn’t get much better than that. Life is good!

    • Thank you for your comments, Georgette.

      I’m happy that you think that they are terrific. I enjoy making photographs and I’m happy that you enjoy my work.

      Making the pictures is one thing (I enjoy making pictures), making a good print (I don’t enjoy printing) that represents the photograph in the way that I’m ok with is another.

      It’s useful to hear from you about the prints that you purchased because, even though I selected the current printer because of their service and quality of printing, that selection was made a while ago and I just want to make sure that they are maintaining the same service and quality that made them my preferred printer for these types of prints.

      Thank you again for your comments.

      Best Regards,

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