6 Things to Consider When Buying a Camera




Our Bank Account


 Camera Ergonomics


The Camera System


The Reputation of the Manufacturer


The Reputation of the Seller


The Terms and Conditions of Sale



A camera doesn’t “take” pictures.
A photographer “makes” pictures.
And the equipment that a photographer uses to make pictures is essential.
Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, etc., are camera manufacturers/brands. But they all do the same thing when it comes to camera choice. They’re light recording tools. With that being said, a
“brand” of the camera is a personal choice and not a concern of light conditions.

Furthermore, if your concern is working with low light intensity, you’ll need to research cameras that will enable you to do that for the camera function. Upper ISO limit, shutter speed range, sensor size, and megapixels will all come into play in the visual outcome of your image.
And then there’s the lens. Using a lens that allows a lot of exposure will be beneficial.







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