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Question: What is your photography tip for today?

Don’t rely on tips to improve your photography. Study And Practice Photography With Sam

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Question: What are umbrellas used for in photography?

Answer: Diffusion. Usually, the diffusion of an artificial transmitting light source such as a portable flash or studio strobe. If translucent, light can be “passed through” the umbrella. If opaque, light can be “reflected off of” the umbrella. Study And

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Framing and Content

Framing is what we do as an activity of camera operation and composition when viewing through our viewfinder or viewing the LCD screen on the back of camera if a viewfinder is not available. Content is what we put into

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Have You Noticed?…

That for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere… That the days are getting longer? The shadows are getting shorter? The daylight is getting brighter? As the earth moves in relation to the sun the characteristics of the light that

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No need to learn the VERY Basics Of Photography

We are already doing the VERY basics. When we see something that creates an impulse to make a photograph and we then take out a camera to make the photograph, we are practicing the VERY basics of photography. We may

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Learning To Drive And Learning to Drive A Specific Car

Driving is a skill that can be learned. A specific car is something we can become familiar with and then apply our driving skills to operate it. Although the vehicle that we apply our driving skills to may change, once

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A Better Camera Equals Better Photographs?

Yup. Setting aside our ideas of what makes a picture “better”, our ideas of what “better” means varies. Some of us might think that a better camera is one that is easy to carry and that we always have with

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Weather And Camera Function

Consider the weather if your camera malfunctions. Check the “specifications” part of the owners manual for your camera for information about the range of temperatures and the humidity that your camera can be operated in. Study And Practice Photography With

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Where Can Someone Learn Photography Online?

There are many options. Some options are well known and some aren’t. Many students/photographers I teach face to face tell me they have difficulty learning photography from online sources. They tell me the information seems inconsistent and there’s no opportunity

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What Do We Need To Be A Photographer?

A camera. Even the one on your phone. Study And Practice Photography With Sam.

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