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Photography combines part science, part craft and part art. You don’t need to know the science. You definitely need to learn craft. Once you learn and apply craft, you can make a photograph that someone may view as art. Study

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Observing and Recording Light

It’s what we work with as photographers. We observe light with our eyes. We think about our composition with our mind. We record light light with our camera. Without light we have nothing to photograph. As photographers we should practice seeing everything

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Artist Or Crafts-person?

Art is vague because art is subjective and is in the eye of the beholder. I think to identify oneself as an artist is equally vague. Art involves subjective judgement. Craft is distinct and identifiable. You can, with clarity and certainty, identify yourself as a crafts-person. Craft involves skillful application of

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How important is Exposure?

I don’t think the importance of exposure could be overstated as an element of photographic composition If you put all of your effort into framing and all of the other elements of composition and you miss the mark on your exposure, all of

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Who Cares?

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The “M” On Your Camera Mode Dial

A participant in the Introduction to Photography class commented that the “M” on the mode dial on her DSLR no longer meant “mystery” to her. Beyond what it really means, which is manual exposure mode, I hope it also means…

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Be A Photographer First

Before you can be a portrait photographer, or a landscape  photographer, or a wedding photographer, or a pet photographer or whatever type of photographer you want to be, you have to be a photographer first. Better yet, be a proficient photographer. If you

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Do You Know What Your Camera Does And How it Does It?

Do you know what your camera does and how it does it? Your camera has many features and does a lot, but in my opinion there are three primary things that you should know how to do with your camera.

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The Pop-Up Flash On Your Camera

Take a look at the top of your camera. You’ll probably find a flash that you can conveniently pop-up with the press of a button. If you’ve never popped up the flash on your camera, the button is probably located

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The Color Of Light

We describe the color of  light in degrees Kelvin. Take a look at the white balance settings on your camera. Those white balance settings represent the Kelvin temperatures of  different light sources. The settings probably look like icons but those

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