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Now We See It Now We Don’t

Ya’ ever see something and you think that what you’re seeing would make a great photograph but what you see is so fleeting that you don’t have time to take out your camera to make the photograph? Yup, me too.

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The Speed Of Light

I ain’t no Einstein. In terms of my smarts, I’m probably closer to Frankenstein. While physicists discuss the speed of light, as a photographer I’m more comfortable discussing the speed of reflective light sources. Reflective light sources such as cars

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An F-stop Is an opening in your lens. While many photographers use the term F-stop, I prefer the word aperture. Aperture, F-stop, we can use whatever term we want. What aperture we pick influences the composition of your photograph in

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Where And When?

This just seemed like a logical follow up to my post right before this one “How And Why?”. Where and when should we practice our photography? How about here and now? Take out whatever camera ya got and make a

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How And Why?

As photographers there’s some stuff that we do. Focusing. Metering. Making an exposure. There’s more but this’ll do for now. The HOW we do these things is with our camera. The WHY we do these things is our intent of

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Have You Noticed?…

That for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere… That the days are getting longer? The shadows are getting shorter? The daylight is getting brighter? As the earth moves in relation to the sun the characteristics of the light that

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Why do some photographers hate flash and avoid using it?

I don’t know, you’ll have to ask them. Here’s why I like flash. It’s a light source that, when used appropriately, is an effective way to add to the depth of composition of your photograph. You know that picture of

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There’s something in your camera called a meter. This meter has different metering patterns and measures light intensity. Some of are aware of the meter and use it while in the process of making a photograph in manual exposure mode.

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It’s Like Having Portable Lightning.

Lightning,  provides light. We notice lightning more at night than we do during the day. Since lightning is a light source that provides light very briefly, it illuminates what is within the distance/range of the lightning for a split second

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No need to learn the VERY Basics Of Photography

We are already doing the VERY basics. When we see something that creates an impulse to make a photograph and we then take out a camera to make the photograph, we are practicing the VERY basics of photography. We may

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