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Are We Photographers?

I’m surprised that many photographers I meet don’t consider themselves to be photographers. Many photographers seem to think that being a photographer is based on a certain level of skill or type of camera used. It ain’t. If we see

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Mind Over Matter

A camera is matter. While we may operate a camera as photographers, It’s our mind that drives the operation of the camera to get the pictures we create. While our cameras matter (and are matter), our mind matters the most.

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The Best Critiques…

are self critiques. Our work. Our critique. Our opinion of our work drives our studies and practice. In terms of our studies, if we need help, a good teacher will give us guidance based on our opinion of our work

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“I Wish I Had My Camera”

You mean the one you left at home in the camera bag you didn’t feel like carrying? Don’t despair. Ya’ got a phone on ‘ya? Does your phone have a camera? Wish granted. Make the picture to the best of

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Where Should We Practice Photography?

That was the question posed after a recent class. Here’s the answer. Anywhere we can see. All we do is see and, if the light effects us in a manner that initiates and impulse to create a photograph, take out a

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What’s A Photograph?

Somewhere near the beginning of most, if not all, of my photography classes I ask the participants a question. “What’s a photograph”. Some of the answers I get, and I’m paraphrasing here, are; “A moment caught in time”, “a memory”,

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Our Response-Ability As Photographers.

When we make a photograph we are responsible for the  photograph the we create. The outcome of the photograph is a result of our ability to respond (response-ability) to what we see (light) during our process of creating the photograph.

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Our Photography Practice

Photographers practice photography. What with, how and why is up to us. Study And Practice Photography With Sam.

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The Word Photography…

from what I understand, was created from Greek words meaning “light” and “drawing”. If we draw with light, then I would consider light to be our “ink” and the camera to be our “drawing implement”. While cameras may differ in

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Experiencing, Intent and Photography

As photographers we are experiencing what we photograph while we are creating a photograph. We experience what we photograph with all of our senses and usually we experience thoughts and feelings about what we are experiencing. Depending on the intent

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