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Being A Photographer – Framing and Content

Being A Photographer – Framing and Content Framing is an element of composition that we utilize to isolate what we feel is an interesting “segment” of everything we see. Content are the elements of composition that we not only put

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Question: How do I set an aperture to less than 4 with a telephoto lens (over 50 mm) on a Nikon D3300?

The camera has nothing to do with this. The lens may not allow for that much exposure. If you’re using a variable focal length (zoom) lens, the effective exposure of the lens may vary at different focal lengths. Study And

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Being A Photographer – Goals and Immediate Effort (Process) In Our Photography

Being A Photographer – Goals and Immediate Effort (Process) In Our Photography There’s what we intend to do (goal) and the effort needed to realize the goal (process). When we fixate on the goal we don’t pay attention to process.

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Question: Can a pinhole camera work without memory cards?

Any camera can work without a memory card. A memory card is used for storage, not for making a picture. The memory card stores the photographs that are created on a digital sensor. The sensor records. The camera then transfers

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Question: How do old photographers who are used to traditional style of photography keep up with the new age photographers who are good at candid shots?

Take a look at the work of Helen Levitt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, Bruce Gilden, Joel Meyerowitz, I can go on. Your question, and the presumptions on which your question is based, reveal your ignorance of the photographers

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Question: Do professional photographers shoot only in RAW format for professional work? Are there any ways to remove blur or fix exposure in jpeg images?

Answer: It depends on the photographer whether to create pictures in RAW or some other file type. The best way to remove blur and “fix” exposure, regardless of file type, is in camera during the creation of the picture. Study

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Fine Art?

I’ve got an issue with the terms “fine art photography” and “fine art photographer”. I view those terms as an attempt to elevate the the work, or the worker, with words. Words are cheap. “Art” is subjective.’ In my efforts

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Question: Will Canon 1300D fit for wildlife photography?

Other than it being a DSLR, I don’t know much about that camera. Whatever camera ya’ get, Id’ suggest your lens is something to think about. Are ya gonna be makin’ pictures of grizzlies or squirrels? Study And Practice Photography

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Question: What are some lighting tips when using a homemade light box for product photography?

Don’t count on window light. Work with light that you can control. Study And Practice Photography With Sam

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Painting By Numbers

Blue goes to number one Red to number two. Green to number three and so on. Painting by numbers are rules of composition. Relying on rules of composition and the auto exposure modes on your camera are like painting by

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