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What Does Exposure and Composition Mean In Photography?

Exposure is a combination of aperture and shutter speed which renders a recording of light (a photograph) onto light sensitive material. Composition is everything we do as photographers to create a photograph. Including exposure. Study And Practice Photography With Sam.

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What Is A “Gray Card” Used For In Photography?

Some photographers use it as a reference for tonality. Some photographers use it as a reference for color. Some photographers, I imagine, use it for both. I don’t use a gray card. Study And Practice Photography With Sam.

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What’s A Common Mistake Photographers Make?

Thinking that the equipment matters more than the photographer. You can engage in a good photography practice with whatever camera you’ve got. You want better photographs? Pay attention. Pay attention to the light that you’re observing and if the light

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Seeing, Thinking And Cameras

Assuming our eyes are ok, we’ve been seeing since we opened our eyes as babies. Our eyes take in everything in our field of view. Once in a while we see something that gets our attention and we get the

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Metering Patterns And Exposure.

In terms of metering and exposure: Your camera has a variety of metering patterns/modes. Metering patterns that utilize the entire viewfinder get you into the ballpark in terms of your exposure. Metering patterns that utilize a specific area of the

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Feelin’ Blue? How About, Red, Green Or Any Other Color?

Color evokes emotion. Green with envy, feeling blue, seeing red, etc. You can use the white balance setting on your camera to manipulate how color appears in your pictures. When you use the white balance settings on your camera to

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What Your Flash Does

Your flash is a light source that… Can add light to your photograph… Reduces contrast… Appears to freeze motion… Can be mixed with available light in different proportions… Can be made brighter or darker…. Will help you to be a

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The Light Meter In A Camera

The light meter in our camera measures the intensity (brightness) of light. Nothing more, nothing less. This measurement of light is expressed as an exposure. An exposure is expressed in terms of a combination of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

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Communicating With A Camera

For photographers the camera is a tool that is used to make a photograph. It’s what we use to visually communicate facts or opinions through a photograph. In order to be an effective photographer and visual communicator It is important

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Bruce Gilden and Joel Meyerowitz – Street Photographers

If nothing else, Mr. Gilden’s approach reminds us, and his subjects, that there is no privacy in public.

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