Photography Basics

Choosing And Accepting

Observing And Perceiving

When It Comes To Being A Better Photographer, What Are You Investing In?

Photography – Science, Craft, And Art

Photography combines part science, part craft and part art. You don’t need to know…

Cameras And Photographers Are Everywhere

I’m Not Alone in My Struggle With Art

You Can’t Automatically Create Good Photographs

Looking For Someone To Approve Of Your Photography?

What Does A Good Photographer Really Need?

Of course, you need a camera. You also need…

The Perfect Photograph

The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself As A Photographer Is…

A Different Point Of View

When I judged a themed photography contest, titled “A Different Point Of View”, I felt that I may have fell short of some expectations. I have my idea of what “A Different Point Of View” means and the people that I disappointed have a different point of view of what “A Different Point Of View” […]

How (Exposure) Times Have Changed

You Can Photograph Anything

Metering And Exposure : Evaluations And Decisions

Photography Is Not…

Cameras, lenses and equipment. These are tools to help you make photographs. Photography is not f-stops shutter speeds and ISO or other technical matters. These things help you to refine your composition. Photography is not about equipment or technical mastery. There are plenty of mundane photographs created with expensive equipment and by photographers who excel […]

To Be A Better Photographer, Concentrate On Your Weaknesses

It’s In The Way That You Use It

Why Aren’t Your Pictures Better?

Exposure And The Ballpark

Use Your White Balance Creatively

Communicating With Ease

Two Different Approaches To Street Photography; Bruce Gilden and Joel Meyerowitz

If nothing else, Mr. Gilden’s approach reminds us, and his subjects, that there is no privacy in public.



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