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White Should Be White. Right?

The white balance settings on your camera represent the Kelvin temperatures of various illuminating light sources. The Kelvin temperature of a light source describes the color of an illuminating light source. The term color temperature and the term Kelvin temperature

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Some Tips For “Artistic” Photography.

Don’t think about producing “art”. Produce pictures that reflect your mind. Each of our minds perceive what we see differently. If art is “unique” and our perceptions are different, then it seems to me that if we create photographs based

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Are Post Processed Or Edited Photos Considered Real Photographs?

Depending on what was applied during post. I think it gets to the point where I’d consider something as “photography based”. Study And Practice Photography With Sam

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A Question From A Photographer.

Here it Is: “I have a beautiful new DSLR camera but I’m mostly on auto mode because I don’t have to tweak all the settings. How do professionals set up their cameras for each shot?” Here’s my Answer: “Whether professionals

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How Can We Become Good Photographers? Can We Be Helped?

We become the photographers we want to be with practice. A good teacher can offer us help by offering guidance regarding our practice. Study And Practice Photography With Sam.

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Can We Learn Photography On A Cheap Digital Compact Camera?

Yes. Photography is less about equipment and more about the photographer making the picture. Learn to use whatever camera you’ve got to make pictures. On a base level, in terms of what we do as photographers, and with our camera

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What’s The Best Creative Gadget For Photography?

Your mind. All those other “creative gadgets” are nothing more than tools and don’t create anything. They can be used during the creative process, but remember that it’s our mind that runs the show in terms of our understanding of

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Seeing As Photographers

Assuming our eyes are functioning in a manner in which we can see, as photographers, we are seeing as all humans see. There’s nothing special/unique about what/how we see as humans. What makes each of us unique is how we

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In Photography, It Ain’t So Much What We Know As What We Do With What We Know

While I know what a golf club is and what it is used for, I don’t know what to do with it in the same way as a more practiced golfer does in order to be a good golfer. In

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What Does Exposure and Composition Mean In Photography?

Exposure is a combination of aperture and shutter speed which renders a recording of light (a photograph) onto light sensitive material. Composition is everything we do as photographers to create a photograph. Including exposure. Study And Practice Photography With Sam.

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