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Got Copyright?

Yup, you do. As soon as you create something original in a “fixed tangible” form, you’ve got copyright and you own it, unless you give it away or give parts of it away. Why give it away when you can

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As Professionals, How Do We Know What To Charge For Our Photography?

What we charge for our photography depends on us, not on what other photographers are charging. It’s essential to figure our cost of doing business/what we need to earn a living. We charge our clients for the following: Time. We

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What Separates The Pros From The Amateurs?

Money. The pros enjoy their photography practice so much that they have decide to make photography a vocation. The amateurs, while enjoying their photography practice as much as pros do, have decided to make photography an avocation. Learn About The

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Commodity Or Rarity?

Commodities are bid on in the stock market and the price is driven by supply and demand. Rarities are bid on in auction houses and the price is driven by the highest bidder. When our work looks like the work

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Thinking About Entering A Photography Contest?

Think Twice. Some contests take a substantial part, if not all, of the copyright to your work. This is good for the folks running the contest, bad for photographers who submit their work. There’s a group called Pro-Imaging that is

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Are You A Photographer That Would Like To Submit A Picture To A Magazine?

Here’s how. Following the submission guidelines that the publication provides or call/contact the publication directly and ask them. Be careful of the terms and conditions that you agree to when submitting. Learn About The Business Of Photography

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Four Steps To Being a Professional Photographer

Be a photographer first. Learn about the business of photography Find people that you’d like to work with. Charge enough not to lose money. Learn About The Business Of Photography

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Professional Cameras

Cameras aren’t professional. Photographers can be professional, regardless of the camera. Learn About The Business Of Photography

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Be A Photographer First

Before you can be a portrait photographer, or a landscape  photographer, or a wedding photographer, or a pet photographer or whatever type of photographer you want to be, you have to be a photographer first. Better yet, be a proficient photographer. If you

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Learn About The Business Of Photography

Sam will work with individuals or groups who are interested in exploring the business of photography. Instruction is offered in the following ways: Face to face in Washington DC. Click Here To Learn More Via an online meeting platform Click

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