Featured Photography-A Tattooed Hand Strums Bass Guitar

A Tattooed Hand Strums Bass Guitar

A Tattooed Hand Strums Bass Guitar



A Tattooed Hand Strums Bass Guitar

About The Photograph

Photographer’s Statement

Because of the intentional “blur” as an element of composition, this photograph is representative of a body of work that I would call “Impressionism/Impressionistic“. Because it isn’t a literal recording of the subject. In other words, there’s intent to communicate more than factual information.

The Backstory

While studying “flash photography” I made this picture as a part of a homework assignment. Specifically, it was part of a homework assignment that required mixing flash with “available light” in varying proportions. In addition, this photograph was made with an SLR using color transparency film. Furthermore, a 300mm lens with an aperture of 5.6 was probably used.

The Critique Of The Photograph

The Visual

 The content of the frame includes a tight detail of the tattooed hand of a musician wearing a blue denim shirt strumming a bass guitar. In addition, the neck of the guitar recedes into a dark background. The distance of the hand/sleeve area seems to be the sharpest area of the picture in terms of focusing. The relatively close tonality relationship (approximately 2 stops) of the “available light” and flash cause the effect of visual sharpness and blur. The flash and the film are close in terms of Kelvin temperature relationship. And whatever is affected by the flash appears as “color correct” while whatever’s not affected by flash has a “warmer” color cast.

The Psychology

The warm and cool colors work as complementary creating balance and visual harmony. While the sharp focus and mix of blur and no blur create a stable visual recognition and a feeling of movement and activity.

Because by posting a picture on this page I’d be condoning the sharing of my photographs on social media. And, since I don’t want my photographs shared on social media I make effort to avoid it. In other words, while I wanna make people aware of my photography, I don’t want my pictures posted and shared on social media.

Specifically, if there was a picture on this page, when sharing this page on social media, the photograph would be pulled into social media as part of the sharing. And, since I don’t want to happen, this is the best solution I can think of. So please, feel free to share this page. Keep scrollin’ to the bottom and a little handy pop up will appear.

This picture is available for purchase as wall art or as rights managed stock photography.



A Tattooed Hand Strums Bass Guitar

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