Featured Photography – A Shovel And Push Broom In An Unfinished Room. Bethesda, Maryland

A Shovel And Push Broom In An Unfinished Room

A Shovel And Push Broom In An Unfinished Room


A Shovel And Push Broom In An Unfinished Room

About The Photograph

Photographer’s Statement

This photograph was unplanned and was made in a way that I would refer to as  a  “recorded observation”

The Backstory

The Process Of Making The Photograph

While walking back to a parking garage after I finished teaching a class, light coming from a street-level window from an otherwise darkened building got my attention.

Then, when I went to investigate further, the view from the window looking into the building revealed an unfinished interior space with a shovel and push broom. In addition, the floors appeared to be well swept and the room that was closest to me had an opening that led to other interior spaces.

In order to create the photograph, I pressed the lens of my camera against the window to avoid any reflection and then made an exposure. 

The Critique Of The Photograph

Above all, I need to see the final photograph as a result of my process of making the picture. Because when viewed from that perspective I can critique my composition in a useful way.

The Visual

What stood out to me visually was the repeating geometric patterns.

In terms of the framing and content,  the framing contains everything I felt was needed and placed within the frame accordingly. Trying to keep the edges of the frame as vertical and horizontal as possible to support the geometric structure of what I was seeing.

The tonality of the picture is intentionally a bit dark.

Regarding the sharpness (focus), the focus was made on the edge of the doorway leading into the other spaces.

The Psychology

As usual, the psychology of the picture does not always make itself available to me while I’m in the process of creating the photograph.

However, after viewing the photograph post-creation, I can see the photograph from a psychological perspective.

In this case, the visual of the photograph brings to mind. words like, “empty, potential, structure, work in progress, unfinished, curiosity” etc.

Because by posting a picture on this page I’d be condoning the sharing of my photographs on social media. And, since I don’t want my photographs shared on social media I make effort to avoid it. In other words, while I wanna make people aware of my photography, I don’t want my pictures posted and shared on social media.

Specifically, if there was a picture on this page, when sharing this page on social media, the photograph would be pulled into social media as part of the sharing. And, since I don’t want to happen, this is the best solution I can think of. So please, feel free to share this page. Keep scrollin’ to the bottom and a little handy pop up will appear.

This picture is available for purchase as wall art or as rights managed stock photography.



A Shovel And Push Broom In An Unfinished Room

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