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About The Question and Answer Forums

The question and answer forums are avaialble to photographers in the following ways:
1. While they participating in a class offered by Sam D’Amico in the Washington DC area.
2. Via paid access to the Online Photography Class Tutorials on the Sam D’Amico Photography website.

About The Online Photography Class Tutorials

The online photography class tutorials can be used as a class supplement by students currently taking a class in the Washington DC area with Sam D’Amico or can be used by anyone as a way to help them be a better photographer.
Since this is still in the testing stage of development, only photographers  who are [...]

How To Find The Best Place To Learn Photography In The Washington DC Area

There are a lot of places the teach photography in the Washington DC area, but remember, what makes the place worth going to is the quality of instruction that you’ll get.
It’s not so much about the place, it’s more about the teachers in the place.
Different teachers have different ways of teaching.
You should work with a [...]

After Class Comments

After Class Comments
Comments made by participants in my Washington DC area photography classes and my replies to them. The comments are provided so you can read what participants thought about an upcoming, scheduled class. You can see all upcoming classes in the right hand side bar of this page.
You can see all the classes [...]