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Weather Alert – Washington DC Photography Classes

A backstop on a snow covered little league field, East Bangor, Pennsylvania. (Sam D’Amico)
Weather Alert – Washington DC Photography Classes
Inclement weather is being forecast for the Washington DC area.
Please check this notice frequently for class cancellation/delay.
A final decision whether class is cancelled/delayed or scheduled as normal will be made  no later than 2 […]

About The Question and Answer Forums

The question and answer forums are available to photographers in the following ways:
1. While they are participating in a photography class offered by Sam D’Amico in the Washington DC area.
2. By Becoming a member of the Sam D’Amico Photography website. (Requires a membership fee.)
Click the register button below to see available levels of membership.

About Membership

By becoming a member of the Sam D’Amico Photography Website, which is optional, you will get access to areas of the website that are reserved for members only. Members areas are intended to serve as a supplement to photographers participating in a face to face class with Sam D’Amico or it can be used […]

How To Find The Best Place To Learn Photography In The Washington DC Area

There are a lot of places the teach photography in the Washington DC area, but remember, what makes the place worth going to is the quality of instruction that you’ll get.
It’s not so much about the place, it’s more about the teachers in the place.
Different teachers have different ways of teaching.
You should work with a […]


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