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The Best Time Of Day To Make A Photograph

Some photographers say that there are certain times of day when it is best to make pictures because the light is better.
I’ll agree that the characteristics of light changes thorough out the day but I think that anytime of day is the best time to make  a picture. I think that no time of day provides better or worse light – just different light.
All types of [...]

Business Of Photography – Pro-crastination

Many amateur photographers want  their hobby to be a profession. Whether on a part time or a full time basis,  to the photographer who has not gone pro yet, there seems to be nothing better than doing something you love for money. They’re absolutely right.
Let’s get down to business then.
Beyond being proficient in the craft of photography, which many amateurs already are, [...]

Photo Editing Software And Photography

Photo editing software has pretty much replaced the traditional wet darkroom in the photographic process.
I couldn’t be more thrilled.
As a photographer, I didn’t like being in the darkroom and I didn’t like the chemicals. I’d rather be creating photographs than spending time in the darkroom. And I’m not a proficient printer.
Being a proficient printer is [...]

Simplicity In Photography

Simplify your photography.
If you take the time to pay attention and visually simplify what you put in your viewfinder and simplify your process when creating photographs, your work will improve immensely.
The only things that belong in your photograph are what you consider to be the most important things, the only thing that you should include in your process [...]

The Perfect Photograph

Doesn’t exist.
The perfect photograph doesn’t exist because perfection doesn’t exist.
Your best photographs are your best photographs, but are they perfect?
Perfection is a perception and since your perception changes so does your idea of perfection.
Don’t waste your time chasing perfection.
Spend your time becoming a better photographer so you can do the best work that you possibly can.
Become a better photographer.

Business Of Photography – Talent

Talent is not enough.
Not only do you need talent you need a good understanding of the business of  photography and a strong work ethic.
Your talent is what distinguishes you from every other photographer out there.
A good understanding of the business of photography will help you make good decisions when it comes to pricing your time, services and photography.
A strong [...]

Deciding And Decisive

Until you press the shutter release to make an exposure you are a deciding photographer.
When you press the shutter release to make an exposure you are a decisive photographer.
If you are unsure of yourself and continue to make decisions, your pictures are produced from a place of uncertainty. Your work can become diluted if you spend too [...]

Do You Remember?

Do you remember the first time you saw something photographic?
Do you remember the first time you wanted to make a photograph?
Do you remember WHY you wanted to make photographs?
If you forget anything, don’t forget why.
Take a photography class with Sam.
Members of the Monday Seniors bowling league competing at the Woodbridge Bowling Center, Woodbridge, New Jersey. [...]

Camera Centric Vs. Light Centric

When you start to learn photography you also start to learn how to work your camera.
You get caught up in learning how to use your camera to create a photograph.
You pay attention to  camera operation and equipment
At this point you are camera centric.
While it’s important be camera centric for a period of time, there comes a time when being camera centric [...]

Your Photographs Framed

Do you have some photographs that you’d like to frame and display?
Whether you do the work of printing and framing yourself, or have someone do the work for you, there’s a cost of time and money. Multiply the cost  of time and money by the number of photographs that you want to frame and display [...]

Make The Photograph Anyway

It seems that there are more reasons not to make pictures than to make them.
I didn’t make pictures because: it was too dark, it was raining, it was cloudy, it was the wrong time of day, I couldn’t find anything to photograph, I was uninspired, I didn’t have time, etc.
If you want to be a better photographer make the photograph [...]

Do You Think Your Camera Takes Good Pictures?

If cameras took good pictures, wouldn’t they be good pictures all of the time?

Are You Ready For The Darkroom?

My personal experience in learning photography has led me to believe that, before you venture into the darkroom, it makes more sense to learn the basics of photography first so you could produce properly exposed negatives. Without properly exposed negatives you’ve got nothing, to work with in the darkroom.

Looking And Seeing

It’s disappointing to look for something and not find it.  On the other hand it’s exhilarating to see something that you weren’t expecting.
Looking for something means that you have an expectation to find something specific. If you don’t find what you’re looking for you may be disappointed.
Seeing means that you became aware of something from observation.  The specifics and expectations of [...]

What Are You Really Photographing?

Whether you are photograph people, landscapes, still lifes, or whatever else,  you are photographing light.
Everything you see is a source of  light.
The  source of light is either an illuminating light source or a reflecting light source.
It’s important to pay attention to an illuminating light source because a reflective light source  can not be seen without [...]

Some Thoughts On Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is a part of exposure.
You can set your shutter speed to vary the amount of light that falls onto your light sensitive material of choice.

Longer/slower shutter speed = more exposure = brighter picture
Shorter/faster shutter speed = less exposure = darker picture

Sometimes when I give a review during my  photography classes, photographers get the shutter speeds [...]

Learn To Use Your Flash And Become A More Versatile Photographer

There’s no doubt about it. When I learned to use my flash unit thoughtfully and effectively as a compositional element in my pictures, I became a more versatile photographer and was able to confidently produce a wider range of work.
Learning how to use my flash not only added another skill to my craft as a photographer it also [...]

Your Camera Doesn’t Know…

You’re camera isn’t smart nor does it take good pictures.
You, on the other hand, have intelligence and you have the ability to make good pictures.
Your camera also doesn’t know anything.
Among some of the things things your camera doesn’t know…

What you want your  picture to look like.
What  you are making a picture of.
What  you want  to focus [...]

“I’m Worried That I’ll MissThe Picture”

That’s something I hear often during my Introduction To Photography class.
Here’s the truth. I miss a lot of pictures for a lot of reasons and I think other photographers who are honest will say the same thing.
I’m not sure when this happened, but I’ve come to accept  that missing pictures is a part of being a [...]

Are You Taking Pictures Or Making Pictures?

The words we choose are important and they can change your mind when it comes to your photography.

“I’ll Fix It In…”

If you’ve got to “fix” your picture in photo-editing software, you’ve made a mistake.

The Company You Keep

Who you spend your time with influences your aspirations and struggles.
The aspirations and the struggles lead to change.
The changes are what you eventually become.
You should spend your time with people who demonstrate the  standards to which you aspire and who will support  your struggles.
Keep this in mind when spending time with photographers too.
Take a photography class

Wishing And Doing

Do you think about how great would be to be a better photographer, work in photography as your  career, to have your dreams come true?
Waiting for dreams and wishes to come true can’t be relied on. You can rely on your actions and your efforts.
You can spend time dreaming and wishing or you can spend time taking concrete actions and [...]

Getting The Most Out Of Your Photography Class

If you take a photography class, it’s not enough to simply put in your time during the class.
A good photography class will give you information related to the class topic, but to have what you learn in the class sink in you’ve got to apply what you learned to your work outside of class.
If the [...]